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이름 ThirdBrainFx

ThirdBrainFx has been operating since 2010 and is a software application designed to buy and sell foreign currencies and financial instrument automatically .

This software is made up of multiple software called robo-advisor, each of which is independent of the others, and which are essentially based on mathematical algorithms. Robo-advisors will in 2020 manage US $255bn of Assets worldwide.

Our Robo-Advisors are based on several years of development on man-machine interfaces designed to reproduce the behavior of a human trader, our aim is to understand the motivations of leading traders to take advantage of the remarkable opportunities available in the foreign and stock exchange market.

This is the biggest market in the world, with trillions of dollars traded every day. Our(s) software(s) are designed to give you a small place at that table and help your savings grow with rates of return that you will never get from your bank, even though it uses YOUR money to carry out the same foreign exchange transactions every day. We are confident that one of our products will match your risk profile and financial requirements.

ThirdBrainFx is built by ThirdBrain SA. ThirdBrain SA is swiss company based in Switzerland, incorporated in Jura, and have a representative office in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Systems by thirdbrainsa

이름 게인 드로다운 핍스 거래 레버리지 종류
Beta-SwissQuote 9.38% 4.15% 361411.3 - 1:100 데모
DURBAN-LEV-X112-USDCHF-1300365457 1.45% 4.32% -15.2 - 1:100 리얼
LAUSANNE-LEV - BRITISHJAPANESE-1300439822 24.39% 5.38% 6238.7 자동화 1:100 리얼
MONTREAL-X112 - 1300365445 1.54% 4.91% 9576.3 - 1:100 리얼
CHICAGO-LEV-AUDUSDUSDCHF-1300439849 -8.51% 19.38% 3823.9 - 1:100 리얼
MUNICH-LEV-MORN-EURCHF-1300439850 1.43% 2.65% 523.0 - 1:100 리얼
MADRID-LEV-1300439859-X113-USDJPY 1.49% 8.14% 618.2 - 1:100 리얼
HAMBOURG-LEV-MARS-EURCHF-1300439864 -3.69% 1.93% -458.3 - 1:100 리얼
ZURICH-THIRDBRAINFX -1.27% 8.69% 2807.6 - 1:100 리얼
ThirdBrainFx Oct 19 2018 at 08:07
If you want to use the ThirdBrainFx Robot, Register to
ThirdBrainFx May 30 2018 at 21:52
Hi, we are re-thinking all our presence in MyFxBook and we will start here a transparency project conform to our ThirdBrainFx page here :
ThirdBrainFx Oct 27 2017 at 21:04
ThirdbrainFx is entering now in the production phasis with stable portfolio. All account are not here in MyFxBook. To see a full view of the account in production phasis (demo and live). Just go to our website : and click on "live performance"
ThirdBrainFx Mar 16 2017 at 09:48
The 4 tests are still on going. We will have the production version - version 14 - of our ready for live next week (21.03.2017).
ThirdBrainFx Jan 29 2017 at 08:06
The first cycle of test is finished. we start the second now..thanks to all our beta tester (alpha testers more).
ThirdBrainFx Jan 18 2017 at 15:55
thirdbdrainsa Because AvaTrade is limiting its demo account, we will stop the AvaTrade experience and replace it with an FxPro account
ThirdBrainFx Jan 17 2017 at 15:49
You can download FREE the expert advisor running on this account by going to our website :
thirdbrainsa Jan 18 2017 at 15:55
Because AvaTrade is limiting its demo account, we will stop the AvaTrade experience and replace it with an FxPro account