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Will Bitcoin Hit A New High in 2023?

Jan 04 at 11:06
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Jenny (Cryptopsychic)
Členem od Dec 08, 2022   14 příspěvků
Jan 04 at 11:06
The market leader, known as Bitcoin, has a rough year with the start of 2022. The cryptocurrency, after brushing off its multi-year lows, is currently trading between $16,500 and $17,000 in the foreign exchange market. However, the occurrence of FED interest rate hikes, the German invasion, and so on.

With recent spikes in liquidity levels due to longs and the equity market's turmoil, investors and traders are cautious about the bitcoin and ethereum prices' short-term prospects.

However, a steady rise in volumes could also push the bitcoin price prediction for the year 2023 to $43,959.19. Moreover, the price of the star cryptocurrency could sink to a low of $23,218.00. The balance in the trade activities could successfully settle the price at $34,412.75.

As per Coinpedia's Bitcoin price prediction for the coming months, there are some events coming that will cut down the miners' reward to 3.125 BTC per block.
Členem od Jan 19, 2023   21 příspěvků
Jan 19 at 15:05
I am also interested in communities thoughts on this. Do you think any kind of crypto or more specifically BTC will make a comeback and climp higher?
Jenny (Cryptopsychic)
Členem od Dec 08, 2022   14 příspěvků
Jan 20 at 05:40
It's good to know about your interest in it. Furthermore, if I had to say anything about only BTC, I've seen it trading favourably right now, with a positive change in price since last November. At the time of this writing, it is trading at $21,108.80. And previously, it has shown positive signs once it crossed crucial levels of $16,800. One of the major reasons why experts are bullish on bitcoin is that 2024 is the year for bitcoin's halving event. The bitcoin halving event happens every four years, in which bitcoin rewards to its miners are cut in half (the miner’s payout will be reduced to 3.125 BTC). This event is generally viewed as positive for Bitcoin’s price, as the halving helps contract supply.

But latestly genesis has filled for bankcruptcy so it would somehow affect crypto industry so we can just wait and see the market conditions. BTC price is at the foothill of a massive explosion.
Členem od Jan 19, 2023   21 příspěvků
Jan 20 at 11:48
Thanks for the info! Will definitely keep an eye out for the explosion to happen.
Členem od Jan 24, 2023   1 příspěvků
Jan 24 at 09:26
Key takeaways. Bitcoin price predictions range from $250,000 all the way down to $5,000. Inflation is a key factor in Bitcoin's price in 2023. Some believe that this year could precede a big rise in Bitcoin prices next year with Bitcoin halving.
Členem od Jan 24, 2023   2 příspěvků
Jan 24 at 14:12
we hope its goes up
Členem od Jan 27, 2023   19 příspěvků
Feb 14 at 14:54
Bitcoin can rise again in 2023 provided there are no macroeconomic headwinds.
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