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How much should you invest in trading

Oct 21 at 05:52
18 příspěvků
It depends on you, but you can try with low amount. When you feel comfortable in all aspects then you can try with some large amount.

Nov 07 at 12:35
666 příspěvků
It depends on my knowledge. If you have good knowledge and skills, you can trade with any investment.

Nov 11 at 06:14
16 příspěvků
One should only invest the amount they can manage comfortably. It’s advisable to start small and find out your limits.

Nov 11 at 08:25
18 příspěvků
I believe everything depends on how serious is your approach to trading activity. If you want just to play with and understand its mechanics then you will be enough with couple of hundred dollars. You will see the dnamic of price changes and will make particular conclusions. However, if you have a really serious approach to trading and you understand that you fell in love with this activity, then you can invest as much as you can. Of course, on your initial stages you will lose money just becuase you have no experience, nevertheless, shortly after you will make plenty of mistakes, there will be a white line.

Nov 13 at 08:24
5 příspěvků
first start I thought $50K , later , I accepted $1000 below , before setup own way of trading it was $100 . now $100 grows over 1K .

Nov 13 at 19:44
457 příspěvků
It depends on many conditions, in fact. For example, I started my journey with a minimum deposit of $ 100 , and I really liked this option.

Nov 14 at 01:34
666 příspěvků
jsrfund posted:
first start I thought $50K , later , I accepted $1000 below , before setup own way of trading it was $100 . now $100 grows over 1K .

Investment is a way to build a happy and prosperous future and to secure financial security. However, it is essential to have detailed knowledge of which project I will invest in. When it comes to trading investments, I agree with you. I think it is possible to trade with safe money management by investing the numbers you have used.

Nov 18 at 15:40
102 příspěvků
you need to invest at a minimum at first, and then increase the capital with which you work, so it will be more profitable and of high quality

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