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My appreciation for myfxbook

Andre Ediassen (SymFX)
Mar 03 2010 at 07:43
9 příspěvků
I just want to send out a short and honest appreciation towards the people behind I think its a superb and efficient tool for traders, giving us a visual graphs for our equity-curve, avg win/loss etc.

The only thing I'd like to see is expectancy among all the statistics and I'd be a happy fish :)

Regards, André ( )
Myfxbook (Staff)
Mar 03 2010 at 08:22
1405 příspěvků
Thanks Andre!

We've just added expectancy to our to-do list 😄.
Mar 03 2010 at 08:47
941 příspěvků
What Andre said.

I'm also super impressed. This is exactly what the internet is for.
Mar 03 2010 at 12:37
397 příspěvků
i am not easily impressed, but this time i just want to say that you guys do an incredible work here!

keep going! 😄
Lion Asset Management (WhyLose)
Mar 08 2010 at 21:29
102 příspěvků
I add my appreciation also. And customer support by email is super fast.
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T. Buitendyk (tbuitendyk)
Mar 24 2010 at 05:23
141 příspěvků
Ditto. I'm also very impressed and pleased overall with MyFXBook.

Would really like to see some improvements with respect to weeding-out all of the dross. There are a few good systems and techniques in here and a whole lot of fluff. It would be really nice to see some more advanced system filtering options on the search. Things like:

1. Equity/Balance disparity.
2. Simply searching and sorting by Equity growth as a percentage over time would be nice (instead of just absolute balance.)
3. Weeding out systems with large and/or old floating losses would be nice.
4. Filtering out systems that have not traded for the past x number of days would be great as all of the old/obsolete content could be taken from view.

Also, in terms of the main system overview page, having Equity not Balance as the primary indicator of account performance would be VERY good.

Anyway, that being said, I do appreciate the site and encourage you all to keep it up!

bwizard (bwizard)
Mar 24 2010 at 05:50
54 příspěvků
You will never go broke by taking profits
Mar 29 2010 at 17:58
84 příspěvků
Yes, I echo the customer support, they are unparallelled! Well done!
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Andan Landung
May 23 2010 at 09:26
11 příspěvků
May 23 2010 at 14:08
86 příspěvků
I would also like to add my appreciation to myfxbook team. 😎

Great work and please keep up!


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