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What's your recommendations on brokers for scalping? Based on experience

Aug 23 at 11:05
4 příspěvků
I know you all are geeks here. Some use scalpers and other EAs. Which broker will you recommend that has a high execution speed?

Sep 17 at 07:08
27 příspěvků
I'm no geek but a scalper indeed, prefer manual trading.

Sep 17 at 07:47
29 příspěvků
Scalping is risky, make sure you have enough experience before you adopt this strategy.

Sep 17 at 08:04
24 příspěvků
blixtpiece posted:
Scalping is risky, make sure you have enough experience before you adopt this strategy.

imo scalping is as less or as more risky as any other trading strategy, it all depends upon the trader's risk and money management plan, and the overall inclination to learn.

Oct 04 at 12:23
336 příspěvků
For scalping choose a broker that has low spreads and instant trade execution. Many brokers do not provide instant trade execution.

Oct 12 at 11:21
59 příspěvků
Turnkey forex, minimal slippage and tighter spreads, good in my experience for scalping.

Oct 12 at 13:07
467 příspěvků
So far, the only broker I can really recommend is from Amarkets. This is really the company with which I was able to achieve a positive result of work.

Oct 12 at 14:10
370 příspěvků
Scalping is risky so you have to gain trading with experience. This requires a good platform. Which can be made from my hard work and research.

Oct 14 at 08:48
30 příspěvků
From my trading experience, I will recommend FP Markets because their trading conditions are best suitable for scalping.

Spreads are lower, starting at 0.0pips mostly in major currency pairs like EURUSD and GBPUSD with faster execution speed and lower commission costs.

Oct 14 at 13:53
370 příspěvků
In my experience, if you want to trade, you need to do online research and select a broker. If you want, you can become aware of the services of the broker by practicing the demo on that platform.

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