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account new setup

May 10 at 06:27
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Členem od Mar 31, 2023   7 příspěvků
May 10 at 06:27
I started an account with the wrong setup. Ive now setup the new strategy. But is there a way of deleting the history from a certain date.
Členem od Sep 05, 2016   1 příspěvků
May 10 at 07:30
just start a new trading account
Live by the candle, Die by the candle!
Členem od Mar 31, 2023   7 příspěvků
May 10 at 07:31 (Upravené May 10 at 07:32)
Hi and thanks so much for replying.

thats sort of what i didnt really want to do. I'm using FBS cent accounts and they only give 10
Členem od May 10, 2023   5 příspěvků
May 10 at 08:06
get another one

the broker im using allows as many as i want
Členem od Jun 17, 2018   10 příspěvků
May 10 at 11:08
What exactly is the problem that you are having?
Členem od Mar 31, 2023   7 příspěvků
May 10 at 11:20
Hi and thank you for replying.

I want to delete some of the data lets say from 15 april until 2 may if possible
Členem od Jul 31, 2009   1442 příspěvků
May 10 at 11:31
Hello Shiloh2001,

Please note that it is not possible to delete account history. We display the data exactly as it appears on your platform.
If you wish, you can use the 'Custom Analysis' tool in order to have your account calculated from a custom start date.
Do note that other users will be able to see that you are using a custom start date.

If you require additional support please contact us using one of the following methods:
1. The private messaging tool on the website
2. The 'Contact Us' form:
3. Via email: [email protected]

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