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Any good volume indicator ?

theangelwing (angelwing2007)
Jun 28 2013 at 18:01
262 příspěvků
is there any good volume indicator or any equation to calculate volume of each bar properly ?

because volume indicator in MT4 or any trading platform is only calculating the amount of pips the price moved (volume increased 1 point for every 1 pips price movement).

And how do you trade using this volume indicator in MT4, is it actually useful ?

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Jun 29 2013 at 04:13
724 příspěvků
There isn't any real accurate volume data for fx. Which is why any indicator that use volume at all is useless.

Aug 19 2013 at 10:39
45 příspěvků
For accurate volume information you would need to aggregate volume data from major liquidity venues. There are some websites, forexfactory, myfxbook...etc, which provide volume information. But, i am not sure how accurate these data are.

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Aug 19 2013 at 18:21
54 příspěvků
Volume in forex uses price ticks. As price changes up and down, volume adds up. High volume has lots of such simple tick shifts, while low volume has very little. What does that tell us? In theory, increasing volume indicates growing interest, buttressing an existing trend or signaling a new one. That said, I haven't been able to create or improve a system with volume indicators.

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