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Jan 13 at 11:48
47 zpráv(a,y)
Coreyarren posted:
There are lots of opportunities when it comes to learning forex and some traders make really good use of it, while some of them fail to do so.

I couldn't agree more. You will certainly need to learn what is forex all about before considering on making a good profit banking on that.

Jan 13 at 12:02
50 zpráv(a,y)
UweMoench posted:
Forex market offers great opportunity but unfortunately most people can not materialize the opportunity due to lack of knowledge and skills. They treat it just like gambling. As a result they can't make consistent money.

Yes, I think some people still confuse trading as gambling when it is both completely different in every aspect, apart from winning and losing

Jan 14 at 06:34
34 zpráv(a,y)
Trend trading works perfectly in forex. After I started applying strategy involving bollinger bands along with keltner, my profits increased by almost 5% on fxview and avatrade. There is hardly any instance now where I trade against the trend.

Jan 14 at 11:58
17 zpráv(a,y)
It takes a lot of time to make consistent profits through trading. I think a lot of people sink to chasing loses and thats when the gambling aspect comes in to play.

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