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To learn the art of trading

Feb 16 at 07:29
298 příspěvků
To learn the art of trading, one needs to spend enough time and dedication. Most newbie are not willing to learn deeply. They run for short cut which is not an ideal to be skilled. It takes time to be skilled. Accept this truth and go forward. Best of luck with learning.

Feb 16 at 11:41
103 příspěvků
Very true. It is very important to impart the knowledge when it comes to ascertain such skill into your life. Nothing can ever work out without having knowledge or bit of practice, that is why we learn so many lessons when growing up.

Feb 16 at 12:05
647 příspěvků
Yes it is very important to learn the art of trading. Most newbie do not focus on deep learning. They do demo trading for couple of months then they jump into live trading. That's wrong.

Feb 17 at 05:57
71 příspěvků
I agree, Many traders don't take learning seriously and end up with a negative energy. Its time people understand that success doesnt come for free or with luck in forex. Effort is mandatory!

Sar John (Sarjohn)
Feb 18 at 08:41
187 příspěvků
Yes many traders come here in order to make money only but they don’t want to learn Forex, they need to understand that there is no shortcut to make money you have to learn, develop skills and practice trading.

Feb 21 at 12:35
647 příspěvků
There are some trading strategies on forex business but not all trading strategies is easy and profitable, all required practice to finding suitable trading strategies if we can making good profit on trading hence these strategy is good and will profitable

Feb 26 at 10:00
36 příspěvků
Your knowledge is the biggest tool you have when you go live. When you know what you are doing, there is nothing that can stop you from making profits in the market.

Mar 18 at 09:56
24 příspěvků
Everything takes time and so does trading. Cultivating the habit to trade everyday is an important part of a trader’s life.

Mar 29 at 06:49
90 příspěvků
Over time, we develop our trading skills, develop our habits, which, as a result, with experience and practice, give a good result.

Mar 29 at 13:13
342 příspěvků
Yes, it takes a lot of time to be skilled in trading. This is where people do the mistake. They think few months demo trading is enough. But it's true. To be honest it takes years of study and research to be skilled.

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