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Oct 24 at 08:20
4 příspěvků
I would like to start a discussion on whether Method or Discipline is more important in this market?

There are people who think that the right method will make you rich very quickly, but there are people who think that the method only accounts for 10% of your success, if you want to be the ultimate winner, you must be a man keep rule.

What is your opinion?

Oct 24 at 08:56
337 příspěvků
I would not say that any of these components are less important. Both play quite an important role for the trader.

Karlos Fandango (Smith2525)
Oct 25 at 00:18
77 příspěvků
Agreed, you need both... Two legs are better than one

Oct 25 at 06:14
33 příspěvků
According to me, both go hand in hand, discipline helps a trader to stay focused and proper method helps in implementing the trades in the right manner.

Oct 25 at 07:11
5 příspěvků
Both, like we need to eyes to make depth judgement in the same way we need method with discipline to make a clear analysis.

Oct 27 at 10:04
19 příspěvků
I'm always convinced that discipline plays major role in terms of forex trading, because due to discipline you have an opportunity to reach success. There is a certain correlation between methods and discipline. If you have discipline you will be able to create methods to reach success. So, as you can see discipline is on the first place here and it can be otherwise. Well, some traders believe that methods matter much more than discipline however I can't understand such traders, I'm sure thta discipline prevail over other things which can lead you to success actually. Nevertheless, everybody is individuality.

Oct 27 at 13:19
477 příspěvků
Both aspects are important enough and should not be underestimated. This may not be the best outcome.

Oct 28 at 07:19
17 příspěvků
As everybody said, both are important, i also believe the same.

Seb King (sebking1986)
Oct 28 at 10:13
143 příspěvků
Both important but a little chicken and egg. I would say you need a good method or strategy and then the discipline to stick to it. You could have discipline in sticking to a failing strategy and be very good and losing your money. Equally you need discipline to keep going in the face of adversity to find your strategy.

If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Oct 28 at 10:19
98 příspěvků
I believe method and discipline both are equally important to ace in this world.

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