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Jun 19 2020 at 03:20
10 zpráv(a,y)
Nothing wrong with mistakes. In order to learn new stuff - you need to do mistakes, you can't avoid it. If you don't do mistakes... You are not trying.

Aug 07 2020 at 14:12
327 zpráv(a,y)
Mistake is common for human being. But trader should learn from his/her mistake. Keeping trade journal is the best way to identify your mistake and avoid it in future.

Aug 10 2020 at 05:51
86 zpráv(a,y)
Mistakes are bound to happens, but it is important to own up the mistakes and making sure to not repeat that mistakes, rather than being denials and letting it get the best of you.

Aug 11 2020 at 09:57
332 zpráv(a,y)
Anyone can make mistakes. It is the part of the trading. Mistakes become problematic when we make same mistakes again and again. Mistakes are the opportunity to learn what we should not do. Good traders always learn from their mistakes.

Aug 12 2020 at 00:39
181 zpráv(a,y)
It is very difficult to avoid from mistakes and if you will not do any mistake in your trading than how you will learn the lesson and try to avoid repeating your mistakes in the future trade.

Aug 12 2020 at 13:33
1 zpráv(a,y)
Everyone understands the benefits of mistakes, but no one wants to make them. Paradox...

Aug 13 2020 at 18:54
232 zpráv(a,y)
Making mistakes in the forex market is a common thing. But if you can make those mistakes as your learning opportunities you can become successful.

Aug 13 2020 at 23:00
349 zpráv(a,y)
Forex trading can be a challenging and exciting, but it can be dangerous if you're not careful. Whether you are new to Forex trading or an experienced veteran, avoiding trading mistakes will help you keep your trading on the right track.

Aug 14 2020 at 07:33
29 zpráv(a,y)
Mistakes are a part of life,just like losses a part of trading. But we must take lessons from those mistakes and try to not repeat them in future.

Aug 14 2020 at 08:23
83 zpráv(a,y)
Each mistake makes it possible to grow faster and achieve good results.

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