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Money Management Tips

Jun 17 at 10:12
24 příspěvků
I believe one of the best money management tips for forex trading is presetting how much capital you want to risk per trade. Most traders swear by the 2% risk rule, meaning you trade only 2% of your total capital per trade, and not a penny more than that.
Jun 17 at 11:31
17 příspěvků
Where money management comes as a basic skill for trading, not many traders are ready to use their brains to work on these. All they want are quick profits and they don’t mind taking big losses in return.
Jun 22 at 06:50
26 příspěvků
The 2% rule should be followed by all forex traders. Money management is an important part of risk management. How you manage your trading capital is how you manage the risk as a forex trader.
Jun 24 at 05:48
45 příspěvků
Managing money and risk is all about avoiding unfavorable risks and losses, thus if you want to have a healthy trading life, we must always monitor our money management.
Jun 24 at 09:05
2 příspěvků
If you want to quick profit and risk more than 2% of your money, probably your trading experience will be a memory which you want to not remember
Jun 27 at 04:29
26 příspěvků
Money management is very important in trading or else you’ll lose all your capital in one single trade.
Jun 28 at 04:02
25 příspěvků
It is important that a trader understand both the aspects of the trade which are profits and losses. And then check the probability of trades and then make trades accordingly.
Jun 29 at 06:18
415 příspěvků
UweMoench posted:
Money management is the most vital thing after analysis. If we do not manage our money properly we are going to lose everything soon . Most people do not bother about risk management and money management. They play blind.
There is no way to rely on high trading leverage or big trading lots size! Money management is the key! In Forex, most of the traders lose money because they are avoiding money management rules!
Jun 29 at 12:52
99 příspěvků
Realistic trading is essential for a decent profit. Unrealistic trading creates no value for a trader. So make you trading realistic with new strategies and always try to view the market from your fundamental viewpoint. Fundamental signal generation helps a trader in understanding the market movement. Traders have to observe in which side experts kept their trades opened.
Jul 01 at 12:30
27 příspěvků
Money management is essential to be followed in the life of a forex trader. I swear by the 2% rule of trading. For beginners who do not know, the 2% rule means that you trade only and only 2% of your total trading capital each time you make a trade. This is useful because this limit helps traders curb the greed and desire to let in more and more money for more profits.
Jul 04 at 04:08
40 příspěvků
Money management has to be the most important trading skill that will help you stay in the market for long. When you know that it’s not just about making profits but also about protecting what you have, you automatically start to take calculated risks and never lose more than your appetite.
Jul 05 at 10:43
32 příspěvků
What are the most important tips that experienced traders give beginner traders when entering live trading, other than small accounts and regulated brokers?
Jul 05 at 11:52
158 příspěvků
Several bad practices decrease traders’ equity gradually and one of those bad practices is over-trading. Don’t over-trade because it will gradually decrease your equity and thus will take your balance to the crash level. A cautioned trader never goes for such practices.
Jul 06 at 07:33
99 příspěvků

There are several kinds of mistakes done by traders. But, they don’t try to recover from such mistakes and as a result they need to sticking to mistakes. For the self-development of traders, quick recovery from mistakes is badly essential.
Jul 06 at 08:23
21 příspěvků
The risk-per-trade method is among the most crucial money management strategies I employ when trading forex. I can use this to determine how much I want to risk on each trade. I do not risk more than 5% of a trading account.
Jul 08 at 05:42
26 příspěvků
You have to be realistic with your goals so that you are not just moving in the market but making effective trades. It’s not just about planning to make huge profits but planning to use your money in the right manner. You may make losses but if you are managing them properly, they won’t affect your trades.
Jul 11 at 04:40
26 příspěvků
If you are good at managing your money, you will be okay with all that happens in the forex market. All your tasks are related to money and when you are okay with what your money goes through in the forex market, nothing can stop you from having a profitable career.
Suradi (FXOday)
Jul 11 at 23:52
397 příspěvků
Almost expert traders they suggested to limited the risk on every plan trading not more than 2%, this will gives more opportunity to try again, and this is need to keep discipline to implemented trading system and risk management, when trader already having strong psychology they can implemented plan trading accordingly.
Jul 12 at 06:23
17 příspěvků
Trading won’t teach you money management. But your regular life will. So, learn money management skills even before you start to trade so that you do not take risks that are beyond your tolerance.
Jul 13 at 09:33
18 příspěvků
All tips will seem useless until you know what they mean and how they work. For this, you will have to take a few trades in the market as per your own understanding and get an idea of what you have been lacking. You will know in which areas you could have saved your money by not taking an unnecessary risk.
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