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Retaining motivation

May 27 at 06:44
63 příspěvků
Traders must be self-motivated even though retaining motivation for a longer time is really difficult because market condition is not the same all the time. Traders should try to cope up with the market condition to bring out better result. Developing analytical knowledge is very essential for traders.
HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Jun 01 at 17:32
328 příspěvků
Motivation can be difficult to keep over long periods of time, especially if you aren't getting the best results. I think those that keep themselves upbeat and stick to the plan are the ones that go on to achieve success over a longer term.
Jun 29 at 00:19
38 příspěvků
Without a doubt, short-term trading is more common here! Scalping appears to be an admirable strategy to me because many people around the world are unable to trade Forex without investing significantly more time. In that case, scalping can provide them with a sizable profit in a relatively short period of time.
Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Jun 30 at 18:36
186 příspěvků
It should be clarified that motivation is not always perceived from the correct point of view. If you mean courage, then it just often interferes with trading. Proper motivation should always be derived from confidence and control. If you are confident in your trading system, trading plan and risk management, then you are motivated. If for some reason you feel uncomfortable, then it will lead to losses.
Jul 05 at 07:36
21 příspěvků
Motivation comes from determination. Profits and success in forex will come to you only when you are determined to become a successful forex trader no matter how much time it takes. The journey is going to be challenging but we should keep our eyes focused on the end goal and keep on trading.
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