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Some decent pamm accounts plz ??

Marcel Corzo (marcelcorzo1)
Apr 13 2012 at 03:30
126 příspěvků
If you are interested, take a look at my PAMM account:
And my accounts here:


Managed and PAMM Accounts
Apr 13 2012 at 07:43
15 příspěvků
Another question for instaforex users , are you satisfied by your broker ,,..? Asking because i am reading some bad reviews
Don't think you can, know you can
Apr 13 2012 at 08:46
77 příspěvků
Using Insta short time now I transferred money between accounts and MB, no problems so far. But these transfers were only done with small money.
Marcel Corzo (marcelcorzo1)
Apr 13 2012 at 15:18
126 příspěvků
I have been with Instaforx for more than 3 years, some problems with customer service but I'm satisfied with them.
Managed and PAMM Accounts
Apr 13 2012 at 18:59
15 příspěvků
I myself had no problems uptill now but i was worried after reading reviews..

Thank u for your replies TradeCopier2012 and Marcel Corzo ...
Don't think you can, know you can
Felix (felix9)
Jun 06 2015 at 15:38
3 příspěvků
xbaz posted:
Does anybody knows some decent PAMM accounts low risk and consistent profits etc'
Our PAMM has a verified track record
MarjanFST (MarjanRijavec)
Jun 06 2015 at 15:46
9 příspěvků
Hello traders and investors!

Anyone interested in investing to PAMM or copy trader (simple trader) please contact me!

Best Regards
FX Protector
Honest and Caring Trading Community
Jun 07 2015 at 16:02
1 příspěvků
Hi there... I am hereby announcing to you people, that, I will grant you with the PRIVELEDGE of investing to PAMM account of mine.

I just haven't set it up yet though...
Jun 08 2015 at 07:09
20 příspěvků
Marcel, What's up with the drawdown bro, 84%?
Jul 05 2015 at 08:48
87 příspěvků
Jul 06 2015 at 07:21
59 příspěvků
Imperial Global (ImperialGlobal)
Jul 06 2015 at 14:02
4 příspěvků
Hello, we offer several PAMM accounts.
This one is most popular with our investors:
For more info you can visit our webpage and email us or you can check our profile here.
Jul 23 2015 at 11:26
18 příspěvků
The “MAM-PAMM System” works with all brokers and account types the same way, no matter if ECN/STP or Market Makers. On MAM accounts which are traded individually you will be able to watch the trades on your MT4 platform in real-time. On PAMM accounts you will be able to watch the results using 'PAMM Monitoring' feature. Check results at:
Jul 26 2015 at 11:40
6 příspěvků
My 1st account:
My 2nd account:

Trades are pretty similar, with slight difference due to one being run from VPS and another being ran from home.

If interested, I have just started a PAMM with Tallinex and will begin trading in 1-2 weeks time.
Profit Pipeline (SneedFX)
Jul 31 2015 at 08:56
23 příspěvků
My profitable accounts:

Scalper Trades EURUSD only between 8 GMT - 18 GMT when markets are most volatile.. Enters trades using pending orders and the logic is buy low sell high. Very low draw down (5% or less) depending on the risk appetite with a return of over 25% per month..

Terms: works best on ECN accounts with no commission and low EURUSD spread ( less than 2 pips) the lower the better.
           account management profit sharing every 2 weeks or 1 month (70% - 30%)
           No setup fee. Just send me ECN account details of ur choice and we start! simple :-)
           Minimum equity $250.. recommended $500 - $1000 or more
           Private Message me for more details.

More accounts:
Professional Algo Trader
Jul 31 2015 at 20:21
10 příspěvků
These threads are hilarious. Just scrolling thru all the blown accounts.

People need to get this idea out of their head of 20%+ profits per month and stop thinking theres any credibility on an account that is not at the VERY LEAST 6 months old.
Ali (AliKhan1)
Aug 08 2015 at 09:18
124 příspěvků
Raiden posted:

   xbaz posted:

yes i was looking for abt 15-20% per month with risking 10-15%

15-20% per month would be 435-792% per annum.

The risks would realistically be more than 10-15%.

3% to 5% would be good...
To achieve 3-5% portfolio growth a month
Ali (AliKhan1)
Aug 08 2015 at 09:18
124 příspěvků
On 100k$ Investment 3000$ (Great Return), Even 2% i.e. $2000 would be goood..
To achieve 3-5% portfolio growth a month
5SS International
Aug 19 2015 at 06:42
184 příspěvků
Aug 19 2015 at 10:15
202 příspěvků
I am still looking for decent signal with STRICT stop loss. I see more and more systems do average, grid, scale in, call this like you want. This results in good profit on short term but on long term.. many stress if not blow. Still it's ok to grid/marti, but with strict stop loss as a day it will loose as you know.

I only want 5-10% per month steady without too much risk.
Imagine you have 1 000 000 usd capital and you want only 5% per month with 5-10% risk....

Many seems gamblers here. Seriouses traders can contact me.

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