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Stop loss is a killer if

Nov 04 2020 at 11:10
298 příspěvků
Stop loss is a killer if you do not use it properly. You should risk reward ratio of your strategy. In ranging market it seems price comes back again. But if the market trend for long and if you against the trend you will eventually get the margin call.
Nov 14 2020 at 12:36
232 příspěvků
Yes. Without proper knowledge about stop loss, you can not use it. It will become a dangerous thing if you have no knowledge about it.
Nov 16 2020 at 11:50
90 příspěvků
Stop loss is a killer if... it is one pip away from your entry. 😁😁😁
Nov 21 2020 at 18:18
318 příspěvků
I think stop loss is very effective for new traders to control their losses.
Nov 22 2020 at 17:27
759 příspěvků
Many traders lose opportunity to make profit from potential trade due to wrong SL placement. Support and resistance level are important regrading SL placement.
Nov 27 2020 at 04:33
15 příspěvků
I know that stop loss is very important in trading. But if you don’t have any knowledge about it, it can be very harmful.
Oct 05 2021 at 19:07
213 příspěvků
They need to be placed sensibly but are a crucial for when you get it wrong...
Oct 06 2021 at 19:54
11 příspěvků
In my opinion, stop loss is a great opportunity for new traders to trade without any fears that they will lose everything, because it fixes the amount of money which they lose. I see this option very profitable and effective, however lots of traders claim that it can be dangerous. It's partly so I think. As for take profit, then it also is created for accumulations safety, however it also reduces the potential amount of money which a trader might win. So, there are both sided of the coin I guess. Anyway, I would recommend all rookies and professionals to use stop loss in order to make your way much easier and profitable.
Jan 07 2022 at 06:43
536 příspěvků
GeorgeBischof posted:
I think stop loss is very effective for new traders to control their losses.
I agree with you. It helps a trader to minimize their losses.
Jan 07 2022 at 07:13
327 příspěvků
stop loss of course is a killer if you dont know how to fixed it , without professional trading experience that is really difficult to make sure a good stop loss point.
Jan 07 2022 at 11:23
48 příspěvků
Agree, many traders fix it at 2% but I think this should be vary according to the volatility seen in the market plus on what currency pair are your opening position.
Seb King (sebking1986)
Jan 07 2022 at 12:38
538 příspěvků
Less a killer than having your entire capital at risk every trade.
If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Jan 07 2022 at 15:05
399 příspěvků
Tradelist45 posted:
stop loss of course is a killer if you dont know how to fixed it , without professional trading experience that is really difficult to make sure a good stop loss point.

I think it needs to be part of a trading system for sure. You need to have a reason to put it where you do. However any stop loss is better than no stop loss
Jan 11 2022 at 22:52
759 příspěvků
Stop-loss is useful to guarantee limit your emotion at any time frame!
Jan 13 2022 at 20:35
11 příspěvků
Well, I wouldn't call a stop loss a killer, but if you don't know how to use it then it is a great problem for you which you need to solve as soon as possible. Stop loss is one of the most important and useful tools in trading but it can bring more losses than profits if you cannot use it properly.
Jan 14 2022 at 14:33
21 příspěvků
In my opinion stop loss is always a saver in various situations. It doesn't matter whether the price goes high and you were able to catch this trend and then it goes down and you will be kicked by stop loss. The mattere here is that the market let you an opportunity to try once again and everything due to stop loss. The vast majority of people don't like using stop loss just because they blelieve that it restricts potential income. In my opinion, traders should use it, because it defends you from unpleasant consequences which might happen whenever they want.
Jan 15 2022 at 02:42
477 příspěvků
Stop Loss can be really terrible in trading if I can't use it. You need to gain knowledge about where to set stop loss.
Jan 18 2022 at 07:43
40 příspěvků
Stop Loss is a killer if you are unable to control your emotions. If you can't draw the line, then there is no point in trying. Always know how much loss you can take at any given time.
Jan 21 2022 at 05:49
16 příspěvků
Many people struggle with placing a stop loss. Some of them even stop using it because their stop loss is hit most of the time. But not using it results in even bigger loss. Yes, the price may sometimes go against your position and then come back again to make you profit but since your risk isn’t covered, it is highly likely to make you a big loss.
Jan 21 2022 at 09:08
25 příspěvků
Stop loss is the real weapon in trading. Placing it is an art.
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