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The US House just voted to repeal DODD FRANK

Jun 09 2017 at 04:47
1189 příspěvků
I just noticed on CNN that The House just voted to repeal Dodd Frank.

Any thoughts on how this is going to impact US Brokerages and US based traders?

If it looks too good to be true, it's probably a scam! Let the buyer beware.
Jun 09 2017 at 13:05
23 příspěvků
If so I guess they would remove FIFO and the non-arbitrage requirement.

Jun 09 2017 at 15:16
1487 příspěvků
They'll certainly be regulated a lot more loosely now.

Jun 09 2017 at 17:41
325 příspěvků
Might make the US slightly more competitive internally, and maybe internationally (where the US brokers are miles behind many other countries due to cost and trading options), but the end result of this depends on the regulations.

Jun 11 2017 at 06:37
1916 příspěvků
more broker choice for us traders woul be a great news

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