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What makes one a Professional Trader?

Apr 28 at 04:04
195 příspěvků
There is no alternative to learning to become a professional trader. Successful learning ends up making a trader successful. I never suggest any paid course for learning rather only learning sources are available for free. Traders should turn their environment friendly through igniting their skill. Traders lack these qualities and so they are highly failure.
Apr 28 at 11:45
34 příspěvků
According to me, a person can be described as a professional if he knows when to enter and exit a trade and has a thorough understanding of the forex market.

Steve B (stevetrade)
Apr 29 at 09:00
1415 příspěvků
A person can be described as a professional trader when they do it for their profession and make the majority of their income from trading.
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Apr 29 at 09:53
24 příspěvků
The experience makes one a professional trader. To become a professional trader you need to be consistent as well as a successful trader and all this comes from experience.
Apr 29 at 12:17
61 příspěvků
According to me, consistent practice and learning is what makes you a successful as well as a professional forex trader.
Apr 29 at 12:29
45 příspěvků

I would say the amount of time put in for learning, and acquiring the skills makes you a professional trader. Also, discipline with respectfully accepting the outcomes from trading in forex is an add on to your trading skill.
Apr 29 at 12:42
7 příspěvků
Quite a stable benchmark for a trader is his performance. I think that this can be considered an indicator of 'professionalism'.
Apr 30 at 05:33
1 příspěvků
I believe that a skilled trader's genuine trading account must show consistent and long-term growth. However, even specialists make mistakes, and the consequences may be severe. No one is immune from this. No trading technique can be guaranteed to be 100 percent lucrative for an extended period of time. As a result, professionalism entails changing your plan on time in order to avoid continuing to lose money.
May 02 at 09:24
18 příspěvků
Traders’ understanding about the market, his trading skills and trading psychology makes him professional or unprofessional.
May 02 at 09:27
17 příspěvků
A professional trader is disciplined, patient and knowledgeable. He knows all the tricks to make the trading market profitable but wisely.
Felolune (Felolune)
May 05 at 17:52
14 příspěvků
Eagerness to lead the business til' the end.

At least, we have to understand that term ''professional trader'' is described by all the traders in a very different way, because all traders have their own idols in the sphere of trading. hey try to describe the characteristics which they borrow from othr traders or investors. I am personally convinced that professional trader is the person who managed to struggle all the problems on his path and became a real expert in the sphere of trading. His expertise is proved by his outstanding results and statistics. Moreover, he knows the sphere of his expertise in details.
May 07 at 04:14
2 příspěvků
a professional trader trades for a living , doesnot trade a 100 or 100USD account !
a professional trader gets himself a entire desk to trade and doesnot carry his laptop everywhere that he goes !
a professional trader has two years minimum of trading real account !
a professional trader is a midnset above all and a strategy second to that !
May 07 at 06:05
27 příspěvků
Professional trader is the one where a one trade is just one trade and the outcome of that trade does not matter. And also modifying the stop losses after realizing the trade is not going the way they wanted it to be.
May 07 at 06:47
608 příspěvků
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Paying the bills is just a baseline. But someone who can't pay their bills from trading can hardly claim to be a professional trader.

Trading knowledge & Experience mostly! Successful learning ends up making a trader successful. The first step of being successful is to develop one’s mindset because Forex-friendly mindset helps a trader derive enough profit from the market. I never suggest any paid course for learning rather only learning sources are available for free.
Jun 15 at 11:33
34 příspěvků
A professional trader is someone who has a thorough understanding of forex and sticks to a plan with a specific amount of time and knows when to change his trading plans and strategies so as to sustain in the forex market.
Jun 15 at 13:22
35 příspěvků
a professional trader actually not found , they born.
Suradi (FXOday)
Jun 16 at 00:03
401 příspěvků
A professional trader usually already manage huge funds in forex trading accounts and able to increasing portfolio investment, some of them may be become manager funds in forex brokers or banks, and all decisions they made are always created with very strict rules,
Jun 16 at 11:31
20 příspěvků
They treat trading like a serious profession and will be staying in the market for a long time. Discipline and patience sets them apart from amateur traders who quit after encountering losses. In simple words, a professional trader has an edge over the market which comes from knowledge and experience.
Jun 17 at 09:24
16 příspěvků
A successful professional trader has a trading system in place. This system is built on careful observation of personal approach, money $ risk management, and price movement of the instrument he is trading. A professional trader knows when he will enter the trade and there is bound to be time when he won’t be in the trade. Unless the trade is triggered as per his system, he won’t trade. For them, trading is serious business and losses are just a part of it. They don’t take any loss personally and remain calm. They are consistent and patient.
Jun 17 at 10:13
24 příspěvků
Every professional trader follows the saying 'cut your losses short and let your winnings run.' Every competent forex trader is irritated by their losses. When the market swings against them, they either place a stop loss close to 100 pips or exit a losing trade early. When they detect the market moving in the direction they predicted, they let their winning trades run until it begins to fall again by more than 100 pips. Beginners do the opposite: they let their losses continue in the hopes that they will reverse, and they cut their winnings short in fear of missing out on them.
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