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When a trader is a newbie

May 26 at 15:16
399 příspěvků
Teutomania posted:
A new trader must focus on his learning first. He must improve his knowledge and upskill himself to successfully survive in the complicated world of trading. Knowledge and skills alone can help to win in forex trading.

This is the thing so many people expect to come into the business of trading and gain a little knowledge then expect a six figure income. No where else in any industry is that possible but if time is taken and persistance it is definitely worth sticking with
Suradi (FXOday)
May 26 at 22:50
396 příspěvků
There is no shortcut to success in the forex trading business, all need passion to learn forex, spent more time in the learning process, how to manage account-based money management, how to choose trading instruments, how to determine buy and sell, when to determine exit, risk management use stop loss or trailing stop, etc.
May 27 at 03:54
25 příspěvků
It’s completely fine to not know much about the market when you start to trade. What actually matters is how much you learn along the way and how far you go in your career.
May 27 at 05:00
22 příspěvků
We should not forget that all the professional traders were once new traders. They decided not to give up and explore the market properly to make the most of the market movements. If you are zealous, nothing can stop you from making profits.
Jun 18 at 06:40
34 příspěvků
A new trader, in my opinion, should first brush up on his knowledge of how the forex market works. Then he can open a demo account and practise trading until he is ready to trade on the live platform.
Jun 20 at 05:58
93 příspěvků
Michihito posted:
When a trader is a newbie in Forex , the first thing he or she should be doing to do more of the learning. The beginner traders do not know which road to take in Forex and that is why they are always getting confused, it is better when they take their practicing and learning very serious so that they can learn better.
Well said; actually new Forex traders need to focus on only their learning; but unfortunately most of the new traders are so greedy and they try to grab a huge amount of profit within very short period of time! And that’s why here more than 98% new traders are the strugglers!
Jun 20 at 07:17
26 příspěvků
It is possible to earn but the current Bear market in Crypto and Global economy is making it hard to build up quite a profit.
Jun 22 at 07:19
17 příspěvků
When a trader is just starting out. First and foremost, he must broaden and deepen his knowledge of the market. Newcomers must invest their time and energy in learning and improving themselves.
Jun 24 at 06:05
24 příspěvků
We all start as newbies with no idea about what forex trading is and how we can make money with it. But it’s a problem when we keep the newbie’s mindset and don’t take responsibility for our trades. It is easy to blame the market but it takes a big heart to become capable of accepting your mistakes and improving them.
Jun 24 at 07:19
22 příspěvků
For newcomers in the forex market, trading seems like a cakewalk until they start taking on the real challenges. And when they take their first steps in the forex market, they realise that it’s a rocky highway and they are yet to get their learner’s licence.
Jun 27 at 06:27
26 příspěvků
As a newbie, fully focus on the learning part and don’t be greedy. Do not think about money in the initial stage of your trading career and fully focus on learning skills, gaining knowledge, and taking experience. Once you know the basics, you can move into a demo trading account to gain practical knowledge and to understand the market in a better way.
Jun 29 at 05:55
27 příspěvků
Newbies constantly find themselves struggling. Whether it is about learning the basics and applying them in the live market or making losses and still collecting themselves back on track to make more trades. But once you get through this, you come out as a trader who has seen the real market and can take steps to avoid losses in the future.
Jul 01 at 05:11
26 příspěvků
Knowledge and gaining skills is the most important for newbies. Only if you understand the market shifts and how to function right and make strategic moves. Practice makes perfect. If traders practise and backtest on a demo account to boost confidence and get some idea before live trading.
Jul 02 at 03:50
283 příspěvků
knowledge is important , no way to ignore but besides this should focus on practice session. otherwise trading life could be dangerous.
Jul 05 at 04:58
40 příspěvků
Many new traders attempt to increase profits by using high leverage which is a highly risky option. It can lead to heavy losses without proper knowledge and skills. Beginners should prefer using optimum leverage and not risk more.
Jul 05 at 06:26
33 příspěvků
When a trader is a newbie, he is capable of taking his career in any direction. Developing a deep understanding of the market has to be your first step so that you know how to react in a certain situation. Learn risk management skills before you have to take any risks in the live market.
Jul 05 at 08:23
18 příspěvků
It is important for new traders to have a proper understanding about the forex market and excellent skills to trade it.
Jul 06 at 07:34
21 příspěvků
A newbie should focus on gaining knowledge, carefully analysing the market and using strategies such as Risk and Money Management to avoid the risk.
Jul 08 at 05:21
23 příspěvků
Yes, that’s true! Most people do not understand the importance of learning and hard work. They do not take forex seriously, and then they lose. Newbies need to learn that there is no easy road to riches, and forex is no different. Forex, like any other financial area, requires much hard work and learning before one starts becoming successful.
Jul 26 at 05:28
32 příspěvků
As a newbie, your prime focus should be on learning each and everything about the market. You can win only by understanding the market.
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