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-3pips Loss - Position Auto Closed

Jun 11 2011 at 14:52
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Hi i tried demo account, & i have usd1000 in my balance. i tried to play the 1.00 Lot size and it closes my trade in an instant.
 (-$28.00) as occurred loss .

am i being hit by 'margin call'?

Jun 11 2011 at 18:37
735 příspěvků
Yeah, likely. When you open a position, some of your equity is allocated as 'margin'.
Try smaller lot sizes first. Generally, if you have 1k USD, think twice before you go above 10k USD positions.
But after all, it's your funeral! 😉

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Miguel (tapachula)
Jun 14 2011 at 22:22
193 příspěvků

For 1K balance use 0.10 lot size, 1 pip = 1 usd in EURUSD, if you are winning 50 pips is 50 usd,

Depending your leverage a margin requeriment is needed for every open position taken from your balance,

Margin call is hit when you reach the minimun % level margin. Check this with your broker

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Jun 24 2011 at 21:55
186 příspěvků
yea margin calls can be a real killer if you don't look out for them

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uda (uda7805)
Jun 27 2011 at 00:53
103 příspěvků
saw that your status as inexperience (similar to me). My suggestion:
- open demo account with USD1k or USD5k, trade with lot size 0.01 or use robot and use lot size of 0.01 too
     - reason : learn to know the trend, results of action taken, to understand the MT4 system, plan your strategy
- play with one or two pairs first, then you may use others
     - reason : different pairs behaves differently. The reversal point need to be studied. Some at 30 pips, some at 50 pips, some at 65 pips etc... study and get the optimum TP eventhough it's not always the case.

I don't really understand the (-28 incurred lost). Perhaps when you open the trade, straightaway they gave you -28. It's maybe due to the spead that the broker used. Let's say they used 3 pips spread. Price is 1.0000 but when trade, it will become 0.9997 which you lost 3 pips x lots size x pair co-efficient instantly. Price need increase to 1.0003 to breakeven.

good luck!

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