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Patience is best tool to get success

Mar 31 at 03:23
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Dictiony posted:
Patience is a very best and useful tool to get success because if we have no patience in our self then we can become greedy and definitely we can face big loss and different problems thats why we have to stay cool and positive and be patience in this way we can get good profit and we can become a professional trader
I agree with you
Mar 31 at 07:36
25 příspěvků
As Investopedia says, “Patience Is a Virtue for Traders.”
Patience helps you keep your market moves in check and you don’t do anything in the rage of making money. You learn the importance of performing market analysis and making your trading decisions on the basis of your research and nothing else.
Apr 03 at 09:18
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success is a long time issue in this trading place and for that reason patience is needed first of all.
Apr 07 at 05:30
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To a great extent, patience is truly an important tool you have. It takes a big heart to see your money going away from you. It’s not easy to accept that the strategy that you spent days on while developing doesn’t work as anticipated. With patience, you get the strength to keep trading even when the market doesn’t seem to be understandable.
Apr 07 at 08:15
183 příspěvků
patience is really important , no doubt but as a beginner trader that is really challenging to keep patience when trading
Apr 13 at 06:07
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Patience is indeed a very crucial part of forex trading and it’s such a tool that helps you in achieving success. In long term trading, you’ll have to be patient even in the hardest times of your trading and once you’re able to control all of your emotions you’ll be a successful trader. Most of the traders lose patience after facing losses and get demotivated but this is where you need to stay strong in order to trade successfully.
Apr 15 at 06:22
25 příspěvků
Patience is a very much treasured quality for traders engaging in forex. It is easy to be impulsive and make decisions dictated by your emotions rather than logical thinking. But a trader needs to learn a way to focus more on the technical side of things and make decisions based on that. One may find it hard to fight against the gut feeling but a good trader should always let their analytical part of the brain take the lead while making crucial trading decisions.
Apr 18 at 07:41
22 příspěvků
Patience is indeed a key element to success in the Forex market. Forex is unpredictable, so traders have to have the patience and discipline to learn from every trade and to stick with a system or method until it proves to be successful.
Apr 26 at 06:47
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Any trader’s forex trading career takes time to grow. If you think that you will be good at making profits from the very beginning of your career, you might start making wrong trading decisions that do nothing more than harm your trading career. Better keep patience and don’t rush behind profits as a beginner. Give your trading career time to grow!
Apr 26 at 11:12
57 příspěvků
In forex trading, patience is highly important in order to make your trading profitable.
Apr 27 at 07:33
34 příspěvků
Patience is a key part of being successful. Newbies have a tendency to make impulsive decisions in order to make huge profits, but they often end up making a loss since they are unfamiliar with forex trading patterns. So, they should try to be more patient when trading in forex.

May 02 at 09:19
19 příspěvků
Patience is believed to be the virtue of forex trading. It is impossible for anyone to be successful in the long run without patience as it allows traders to sit and study about forex and not hurry and enter trading.
May 03 at 06:21
48 příspěvků
Patience is an essential trait that all traders must possess. The forex market is full of surprises, and you may never know what will happen next. Also, the learning curve to become a forex trader is not straight. Many times traders feel difficult to cope with their emotions. Thus, having patience becomes essential if you want to be successful.
HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
May 04 at 14:46
377 příspěvků
Patience is very important yes, alongside other necessary factors like discipline.
May 20 at 04:19
24 příspěvků
Patience is indeed the best tool but unfortunately some new traders are lacking in this aspect. They are used to the instant gratification that they get with just one click. Thanks to the video games and social media culture. They enter the forex market with the motive of making quick and easy money but end up losing because of their impulsiveness. I really wish that new traders would understand that Forex trading is not a shortcut and will focus on putting efforts into getting success in the long run.
May 21 at 09:18
132 příspěvků
patience is really important no way to deny , but as a newcomer to keep patience is really difficult.
May 21 at 10:50
183 příspěvků
practice and patience at the same time is really a good combination for good result.
May 26 at 07:20
22 příspěvků
Patience is such a great virtue. But how many of us are willing to be such patient, especially in this day and age of instant gratification.
May 27 at 05:37
24 příspěvků
Of course, it is. People fall prey to the dirty net of greed, which often results in loss. Patience is one of the most important virtues here, but how many are willing to be patient in this day and age of instant gratification?
Seb King (sebking1986)
May 27 at 10:34
538 příspěvků
100%. In no other vocation would you have students skipping the study and practice to jump straight in. That's purely down to the fact this is the business of money.
If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
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