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Sep 22 at 05:06
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Členem od Nov 29, 2021   1 příspěvků
Sep 22 at 05:06
Hello everyone,

Have a look at the attached image for context of my question.
1. You're looking at a 1-minute US30 chart.
2. A multi-timeframe analysis confirmed that price was in a downtrend.
3. The curving line is the 200 SMA.
4. Green line at the bottom is a support (across several higher and lower timeframes), which I used as a TP.
5. I entered 3 short trades in small lot sizes (in the yellow box), and as you can see I ended all three trades at a profit.
6. My trading style is very much as a scalper using minimal to no indicators (barely an SMA/EMA).

Regardless of the profit, question here is, is there a way to time entries better so as to prevent the temporary retracement? I mean, seriously, the retracement happened just where I made the entries, and it could've very well turned into a trend reversal with a loss on my hands. So how do I become a better beginner trader who makes better entries?

Thank you for your time and widom. Cheers!

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Členem od Sep 16, 2023   2 příspěvků
Sep 22 at 18:41
Please can you show me how to no when news is drop
Členem od Oct 09, 2023   13 příspěvků
Nov 28 at 17:23
You can use forexfactory or
I never give up
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