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Which pairs are your least favorite to trade? And why?

Jun 20 at 04:52
24 příspěvků
I am ok with trading any type of pair in general except for the exotic ones. I tried an exotic pair once and it did not go well. I think we can master any type of pair once we get experienced. But I am sticking to major pairs as of now.
Jun 21 at 08:22
23 příspěvků
My least favorite pairs will be the exotic pairs because their spreads widen and are not suitable for scalpers, it is also unpredictable when trading during volatile market conditions.
Jun 21 at 12:18
25 příspěvků
right now scalping with EUR/USD and EUR/USD
Jun 21 at 15:09
532 příspěvků
cardigan posted:
Just like I mentioned in the title. Looking forward to hear some opinions.
Right now, GBPUSD is my most favorite trading pair because I get the maximum success ratio on this popular pair!
Jun 22 at 05:18
705 příspěvků
which is the best trading pair for scalping ? what pair do you trade in that time
Jun 22 at 07:18
17 příspěvků
Currently it is the EUR/CHF and the USD/CHF. The Swiss increased the interest rates unexpectedly and all of a sudden. This caused a major hike in the exchange rates of pairs involving the Swiss Franc. I’d prefer not to trade this at the moment.
Jun 22 at 09:22
7 příspěvků
EUR / GBP - never really trends just sits there messing around
Jun 26 at 06:01
149 příspěvků
EUR/USD , GBP/USD right now busy with them . sounds good
Jun 28 at 04:57
247 příspěvků
there is anyone who trading right now Bitcoin ?
Jun 28 at 13:14
20 příspěvků
BTC is moving now with 20-21 thousands. market really passing a complicated time
Jul 04 at 05:12
18 příspěvků
I always trade major pairs because I like the liquidity. But I have traded minor pairs also a few times and made decent profits. But I never trade the exotic pairs and they will be my least favourite pair to trade with.
Jul 05 at 05:08
23 příspěvků
I abstain from trading exotic pairs because they have low to no liquidity, besides high spreads, which makes trading both risky and expensive. If you are a new trader, I would recommend you to start trading with only major pairs.
Jul 06 at 13:21
20 příspěvků
hi all.
i'm newbie wants trading on forex. my favourite pairs are usdmxn and eurgbp. but for me it's difficult trade on them. especcially on usdmxn. it's so volatility.
Jul 06 at 14:11
62 příspěvků
Emotion harms a trader from all sides. So traders should be devoid of emotion at any cost. It is the worst human nature that a person owns. It inspires traders to take rough decision that harms him in the end. So, try not yield to emotion for your own sake.
Jul 07 at 12:34
532 příspěvků

It’s really tough to restrain from emotion in a trader for a long time while trading but emotionless trading is very essential because it hampers a trader’s trading. As this nature inspires a trader to take more risk, traders should be cautious. So, make sure your emotionless trading.
Jul 08 at 06:38
19 příspěvků
Exotic pairs are not preferred by traders because of high spreads and high volatility. Such pairs are very unstable because their economy is in the developing phase and they are more prone to drastic swings in their price movements.
Jul 12 at 06:01
16 příspěvků
A majority of traders tend not to trade with minor pairs because of their large spreads. In addition to that, they are highly unpredictable and have high volatility, making them very risky to trade.
Jul 12 at 13:18
13 příspěvků
Exotic pairs are my least favorite pairs to trade because they are complex and low in liquidity.
Jul 13 at 01:39
1 příspěvků
Not a big fan of USD Pairs
Abubakkar mansur (mansuriabubakar)
Jul 15 at 05:36
3 příspěvků
The EURUSD pair is my fave. It makes me a lot of money and is simple to forecast.
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