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Nov 02 2021 at 12:46
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A double Doji can be a powerful signal
Mar 14 2022 at 09:04
1 příspěvků
can you explain some examples and why>>>?
Mar 29 2022 at 06:36
6 příspěvků
TaylorNorboge posted:
can you explain some examples and why>>>?
Google it there are plenty of examples
Jan 19 at 15:43
21 příspěvků
So the candle which appears after doji usually indicates the direction of the trend?
Dominic (DominicWalsh)
Feb 03 at 10:11
12 příspěvků
Doji is a commonly observed pattern in candlestick charts in technical analysis of financial markets. It is considered a reversal pattern and signifies potential change in trend direction. It is formed when the opening and closing price of an asset are nearly equal, resulting in a small body and long shadows. The long shadows suggest that the asset's price moved significantly higher and lower over the time period, but ultimately closed near where it started, indicating indecision or conflict between buyers and sellers.
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