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EA programmer looking for new ideas - bring a valuable idea & get a FREE robot

Apr 19 2018 at 13:54
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I'm a trader with plenty of experience in coding mql4 and mql5 trading tools.
The ones I wrote for myself or various clients over the years are mainly EAs, covering pretty much the whole spectrum of what's peddled around.
During the endless parade of bad ideas that I've come across or I've been presented with, from time to time there's one that stands out.
Those rare gems are few and far between, but there are actually some ideas worth exploring and experimenting with.

Cutting to the chase...
I'm not doing this for you and I won't even pretend that I care about you or your reasons.
For me it does not matter if you've traded for a week or for a decade.
I'm not in this to make friends - that's a bonus if it happens.
I'm doing this for the money, as I suspect is your case, too.

This post is meant to offer ME the opportunity to get in touch with other traders that actually know what they're doing.
All we need to qualify our competence are the actual results, trading, coding or otherwise.
The piece of paper we've got on graduation day, the pedigree or the color of the jacket some wore in the ring are irrelevant here.
We now play in the retail world with retail targeted tools and systems.
The battlefield is uneven and the fight is unfair by design.

What you get from this potential collaboration is more than you'll be getting dreaming to whatever you dream of while not being able or willing to actually do something about it.
Having enough trading experience and actually having coded a number of trading systems already, I trust I have a pretty well developed sense about what can actually work or how well and what's not even worth trying.
If I'm not sure, I won't debate you over your idea, but I'll get to implementing it and we all can try and see whether it works out or not.
So, I'll reserve the right of actually NOT pursue something that I think or know has little to no chances of producing a positive outcome.

The deal is this:

- I didn't try that before
- I think it can actually be a good time investment
- I know it will have practical value as a whole or at least in part
- I will be able to code it without reinventing the wheel

It's not about YOU - it's about ME - that's the truth, the whole truth and all that matters to me.
I will put in the hours that are needed to breathe life into it if it will come to that.
It may very well be your mind seed, but it will be my blood and sweat, so to speak.

You have nothing to lose, really.


Seems pretty fair and straightforward.

You can sell it, you can trade it, do whatever you want with it - I DON'T CARE - it's yours to keep and get rich or become broke.
It's a digital copy of something I will also have to do with it whatever I may please.
We'll only share the process and hopefully, the benefits.
To each its own.

Apr 20 2018 at 17:31
1 příspěvků
hi snailmail ,

do u able to add some more features on existing EA that i have use ,so it can have become more safety?

Apr 22 2018 at 10:08
1 příspěvků
Hi snailmail,

I have a trading idea which I wanted coded into EA or trading robot. Can you help with that.

May 17 2018 at 06:00
1 příspěvků
Hi snailmail,

I am a 20 years experienced traderand have made profits of above 100,000%

I have some really good ideas which I want to convert into robot, could you help me with that?
how can I give you this ideas? I mean on this forum or should email you?

I will require your email in that case...

pls reply

Sanath Bandara (sadeth06)
Jun 11 2018 at 10:12
3 příspěvků
I have create a EA but
its continuously opening orders, can you fix this to after one order is close wait at least 60 seconds?
Please help me.

Přílohy :

Ivan (StoneHeart)
Jun 12 2018 at 12:01
131 příspěvků
Sanath Bandara (sadeth06)
Jun 13 2018 at 05:53
3 příspěvků
Sanath Bandara (sadeth06)
Jun 24 2018 at 07:00
3 příspěvků
Sorry this is the correct one
BUY Rule

Cci period 8 must be above 0
Cci period 4 must cross 0 from below.


Cci period 8 must be Below 0
Cci period 4 must cross 0 from above.

tp 1 or 2 pips
stop lost 5 pips
money management and fixed lots
for higher time frame
tp 10 pips
SL 50 pips
and trailing stop 3
trailing must activate after 5 pips

can you make this work?

KK (KazimierzKorkus)
Jul 02 2018 at 06:18
1 příspěvků
Hi, would you like to work with me on this?
I want to remake it and upgrade.

Přílohy :

Minds are like parachutes - they only function when open.
Houston (Xtradeguru)
Jul 02 2018 at 06:34
2 příspěvků
I do not have a trading style like any other. I have new ideas how to look at the entire space.
I am already in position to earn millions. I just want to offer my boss something of real value in the financial space to
prove my worthiness.

The last guy took our money and fled leaving us with NO EA and NO results toward my bottom line.

I don't know the first thing about creating an EA. However, I have been trading since 2012.
You will not regret coding for me.

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