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Test your EA/strategy for free

May 19 2014 at 07:01
3 příspěvků
Hi all,

In hopes to quell the ever evolving submissions that exist and to help with putting to rest if the trades represented in backtests is accurate. I am willing to backtest anyone's EA for no charge.

What does this entail?
Any developer or commercial entity wanting to backtest their system/strategy, but does not have the time to setup a backtesting system. It will be tested using tick data and every tick setting. If you have certain pairs you want the EA to be tested on, you can provide those restrictions.

What timeframe can be tested?
Any timeframe that can be backtested, 1 minute to weekly. All 99.0-99.9% accurate tick data.

Why are you offering this?
Looking through the endless lists of strategies and EA's. It is seemingly a running scenario that they are not tested with accurate data which makes it impossible to know what the EA would do if given a perfect scenario. Now, understandably no broker or institution can give you perfect scenarios when trading on a live stream, but results do vary quite dramatically when testing from a broker data and actual tick data.

I am also extremely disheartened when reading through comments of systems and expert advisors that show they are great, but in reality are either forged or inaccurate.

Why free?
Because, why charge for something if people that look at the results want to purchase the system anyway?

What about donations?
You can feel free to donate if you feel you want to. In no way am I asking for anything.

What instruments can be tested?
Any forex pair, commodities, and some stocks and indices.

How do I ask?
Just IM me here or post a reply.

What about NDA?
I am willing to sign NDA for commercial entities that want certain information to not be shared with the public entities. If you want a EA or strategy to be tested but not posted, I can do that as well.

Can the results be notarized?
In a manner of speaking, yes. There is a notary that I can go through to notarize the results, but there may be a cost involved.

In closing: I have no doubt that I may get negative comments here for doing this, but if there is a negative comment you need to ask yourself, should I really be purchasing any system or strategy from an individual or company without proof that it works?

Best Regards,


Adrian Matusiak (adrian8891)
May 19 2014 at 08:01
696 příspěvků
Why dont You programm EA yourself than using others EAs in name of 'test it for free'?

PAMM MANAGER // Professional Fund Manager
CrazyTraderfx (CrazyTrader)
May 19 2014 at 09:06
1718 příspěvků
Backtesting isn't a proof of any success at all. Even 99.99% tick data modeling is rubbish. Backtest is simply to test if an EA is doing what it is supposed to do. It's not the way to dream about great future performance... otherwise 90% retail traders would be already richer than any Warren Buffet!!!
=> Here I was talking about a very simple EA that opens trades regarding a simple strategy.

Let me explain, I have a strategy that is reading 28 pairs simultaneously, and EA will enter trades depending thoses global conditions. So my EA can't even be backtested because backtesting is only 1 pair at a time.
=> So you see how backtesting is limited.

I really hope in 2014, even newbies in Forex don't get caught by backtest performance.

Don't waste your time.... nobody trust backtest.

Hemi pips (hemipips)
May 19 2014 at 19:00
77 příspěvků
Why dont You programm EA yourself than using others EAs in name of 'test it for free'?

May 19 2014 at 19:58
795 příspěvků
Hemi, thats what we all think! however, thousands of us have done similar testing on EAs and it would put him ahead of the curve.


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Adrian Matusiak (adrian8891)
May 20 2014 at 04:47
696 příspěvků
Professor53 posted:
Hemi, thats what we all think!

That's what he surley do ;)

PAMM MANAGER // Professional Fund Manager
May 20 2014 at 06:44
3 příspěvků
Sigh... and here is where I stated I would get negative comments. I have no wants or needs for any EA's.

May 20 2014 at 06:55
795 příspěvků
Its ok..... share what you need to help us with.

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May 20 2014 at 07:41
795 příspěvků
Whats your Email address and I will send you one of mine to back test. I can only back test around one year. I could use a much longer time. I have a double sided gridder that I could use some long term data results.

thanks in advance.

aka P53

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May 27 2014 at 06:02
795 příspěvků
Hows my EA doing on the back testing?

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Edorenta (Dwardul)
May 27 2014 at 06:34
5 příspěvků
I sent you a pm with 2 eas to test on an ECN brok (I'm using FxOpen personally)

May 29 2014 at 06:44
3 příspěvků
@TheProfessor, no idea, never received your EA.

May 29 2014 at 22:26
795 příspěvků
I emailed to you.
Ok, will attempt to send again this evening.

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