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Drawdown or Watermark - per trade výsledky hlasování

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Drawdown or Watermark - per trade diskuse

Another Brian (AnotherBrian)
Jun 01 2012 at 02:43
74 příspěvků
I would like a drawdown tool that analyses the drawdown of each trade for both positive and negative. In the closed order (history) window add a coloum that tells me the high and low watermark of each trade, in pips would be fine. It would only show for the 'closed' trades.

I review my trades at the end of each week and month and would like to see if my targets / stops are appropriate.

For a trade that was stopped out I would look at the high watermark to see if my target was correct or if I'm getting to 'greedy'. For trades that hit the target this would tell me how close to the stop the trade came.

Trader Owen (cfxsignals)
Nov 24 2012 at 18:41
18 příspěvků
Definitely - there is a big copy signal provider (I will omit the name in case it is against rules) that actually does this so it can't be too hard to implement.

The only way to get smarter is by playing a smarter opponent
Nov 26 2012 at 15:01
6 příspěvků
It would be definitely better to show trades like
The drawback is that you (myfxbook) need to analyze every single trade, making a Greater server load

Ivan (StoneHeart)
Nov 27 2012 at 07:02
131 příspěvků
If there are many open trades, from one system, it is non sense to analyse only one trade.

Another Brian (AnotherBrian)
Nov 29 2012 at 02:33
74 příspěvků
True - analysis one trade is non-sense, but analysing them one at a time works. You need to understand the system.
By gathering this data you could get the average draw down, the mean draw down, you could even group the trades into groups to see how many of them go past 5% for example. This would help me understand the system.
Anyways, we are not there yet with software.

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