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simulator výsledky hlasování

Líbí se vám tato nabídka?

Ano Ne
Aug 04 2013 at 15:58
18 příspěvků

please add tab for dd i.e. detailed + cumulative plotting for DD - as you do for profit. 3plots+total etc.

Maybe also add tab for other dd - e.g. absolute dd + relative dd + open dd etc .
Not sure but the ones that show the scary stuff

Also - if you join a system that has 599 followers and the system has 20% dd. I worry that a small account would be wiped out - as 5% = 500% in small account territory.
Is there a way to show this risk. Something that is understandable?
Thinking aloud 'You are simulating - so maybe set a figure re: risk' - and concluding maybe this is just dd again.

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