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Volatility Table výsledky hlasování

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Volatility Table diskuse

Jan 21 2016 at 12:30
4 příspěvků
Would it be possible to include on the forex volatility table some commodities?

Oil-Brent Crude
And also a index,,
China 300 (As this is very volatile at the moment

You have FTSE 100, DOW, DAx etc,, but some basic commodities,, IE as above would be really useful.

Many thanks

Ethan (Staff)
Jan 21 2016 at 12:32
1398 příspěvků
Hello DowBoy,

Please note that we already have Gold and Silver in our volatility chart (it may appear as XAU, XAG pairs etc..)
As for the other symbols, I have forwarded your suggestion to the dev team.

Jan 21 2016 at 21:07
4 příspěvků
Actually I also notice GBP/EUR missing,, this is heavily traded,,

Regarding Gold you have
Notice today,, pips moved says, +831 pips as at 12.58GMT (21/01/2016
Spot gold has 4hr ATR on IG spreadbet chart shows 5.33

Sure you have this correct??
See chart here^XAU

or here; (spreadbet)

Hope you can enlighten me,, as your hourly pips for 15 (3pm) here;
shows 607 pips! ??

I'm confused

Jan 21 2016 at 21:08
4 příspěvků
Maybe also EURO/GBP?

As to Gold Ethan,,
I don't quite understand the pip increase.
Yahoo shows this today
1,097.3199 Down 3.1801(0.2900%) 9:23AM EST

But your page shows this
XAUUSD - Gold vs US Dollar 1098.340 +1.01% +1106.0 pips

I dont understand how your page is showing over 1100 pip increase??

If you can explain if possible,, or is it an error?
Really need to get this right in my head,, as I see like your hourly volatility is showing over 600 pip increase for 1500 (3pm)
Has to be wrong??

Hope you can advise.

All that said,
It's a really really great table.
Many thanks

Jan 23 2016 at 10:10
4 příspěvků
Any chance of adding AUD/EUR please??

Mar 17 2017 at 06:56
15 příspěvků
Better have FTSE 250 especillay that nowadays investors are turning into this one, know why? because the beginning of the year showed that it was 50% above pre-financial crisis highs and more than 200% above post-crisis lows.


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