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2013/5 (Od Matt )

Uživatel odstranil tento systém.
May 25 2013 at 05:37
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hi again

Is this a new accont you have setup purely to run dream pips MAM? or do you have other trades in this account.

I am a member of the MAMs for both dream pips and EMI at - do you have any other signal providers who are successful that you can recommend?

Brisbane Australia

Are you from AUS too?
Matt (BluePanther)
May 25 2013 at 06:12
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DreamPips and EMI with IAMFX are both MAMs, and as such, these accounts pay broker commissions as well as Master commissions. It is not worth putting other systems on these accounts as the Master commissions add to create a huge overhead of running costs. Plus, I want to see how well they do on their own.

I can suggest LK Hedge Fund with IC Markets - they seemed alright with their system on myfxbook. Also, their Master does not charge like on IAMFX - they take a percentage of the commissions you would normally pay to the broker so it is cheaper for you.

Yes, Melbourne.
May 25 2013 at 06:28
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Also I think that we are not permitted to put other trades on the accounts with - they are solely for the MAM providers.

I copy these trades to other accounts and increase the low lot size that they use at iamfx.

Can you send me a link to the LK Hedge Fund page at IC Markets as I cannot find it on their web site. thanks.
Matt (BluePanther)
May 25 2013 at 07:30
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Matt (BluePanther)
Jun 01 2013 at 11:19
1358 příspěvků
This is another useless trader. What is wrong with these effing dickheads? YANEMA, now DreamPips? Is it the Masters or IAMFX who are to blame for the sudden bad day?

I made over 100% with YANEMA, and then they failed spectacularly one day and their performance was never the same again. DreamPips failed before, and I took all my money out, but then changed my mind and decided to try again. Now DreamPips have failed a second time - USELESS!

It wouldn't matter if they were small losing days, but when an account has had 100% successful days for a long while, and suddenly has one major losing day, it raises the question about what could have caused it, because it is an unusual and rare occurrence.
Jun 01 2013 at 12:14
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yes, another fail here and I lost big bucks. unfortunately there is no way of us contacting the provider to see what is going on - or is there?
Matt (BluePanther)
Jun 05 2013 at 02:49
1358 příspěvků
Yes, I have managed to get in contact with another Master before. DreamPips has a website, so you can attempt to speak with them there, but I wouldn't bother. They won't do much I'm sure - they did lose your money after all, so they probably lost all their own money as well.

IAMFX are a bad broker. I am closing all my accounts with them and moving to IC Markets. They have no live chat support when you need it. My VPS was offline for a couple of days and nothing was said or done. IAMFX seem to make money when you lose yours. The common broker (criminal).

I wish I hadn't wasted my time with them. A broker with a business model like theirs will never allow you to make money. 😞

This account is now closed.
Jun 16 2013 at 07:18
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Both Dream Pip and EMI have blown our accounts at the same time. I have no gripes with IAMFX.

LKHedge wanted a minimum of $5k and now it is $10k to open an account, so I will wait for 3-6 months and monitor them.

Are you receiving any other signals?

I am using Invincible and AutomatedForexFF - AutomatedForexIam on zip signals which you can now get free subscriptions if you use their IB broker accounts.

I am also using Storied Seller and Increased Deposit on - check them out. I need a scalper signal provider with a very high win % rate, say 90% and above, for my prop account - do you know of any?

I notice from you bio info here that you have invested a lot of funds in FX trading and have $75k debt. Are you like me and never give up, keep chipping away at strategies and only automatic, signal provider ones? Do you know of any good PAMM providers?

Matt (BluePanther)
Jun 16 2013 at 12:20
1358 příspěvků
Only auto for me. I know it is possible, grid systems seem to be the best so far, but they say only 1-5% of forex traders actually make money. I don't want to waste time in front of a computer - I want to keep my emotions out of it.

I want the RGT robot that IC Markets mentioned to me once (don't tell anyone) - some guy was making a killing with it. He was the top trader on the day I spoke with ICM. Other traders had made considerable money manually.

I don't generally follow signal services because I have had issues in the past. I want control of the EA instead.

YANEMA was 100%+ in one January with 0%DD but collapsed in one day in February.

I had no gripes with IAMFX, but lately their support has gotten worse. Sick of the delays in response to issues. Spreads are lower at ICM - improves results of EAs.

Forex Amplified looks good - you should check that one out. I am considering it, but the only issue I have is that its EA requires all other EAs on your account to use a magic number below 1800 - some of my EAs I cannot change the magic on, so that is not possible for me. I am not sure if I should give it a go anyway and hope there is no conflict with my other EAs.
Matt (BluePanther)
Jun 16 2013 at 12:33
1358 příspěvků
Forex is the quickest way to become rich. Forex is the quickest way to become poor.

Loss of 10% requires a gain of 11.11% to recover
Loss of 20% requires a gain of 25% to recover
Loss of 30% requires a gain of 42.86% to recover
Loss of 40% requires a gain of 66.67% to recover
Loss of 50% requires a gain of 100% to recover.

The odds are stacked against everyone. Harder to gain than to lose.

You may not have a problem with IAMFX, but from what I see, they are the type of broker that makes money when investors lose their money. There are many shady brokers out there, and it is difficult to tell them apart. IAMFX are regulated in Panama, so I think you should look at that too. You won't win as long as you stay with them - I can pretty much guarantee that. I tried for the past three years, and a PAMM at the start of the year (well, plus EMI and DreamPips) have 'taken the cake'. 'The straw that broke the horse's back' you could say.

Kind of reminds me of the HYIPs I looked into briefly - ponzi schemes and nothing more. They attract investors for a while, then when there is sufficient money to lose, they 'pull the plug' and everyone loses money, except IAMFX and the developer, who:
1. keep their commissions charged
2. keep a cut of the losses

You might want to take a look at this free report (I found it, but I have no affiliation with it whatsoever).
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