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£60000 demo Daniel Davies (Od Daniel Davies )

Zisk : +6.57%
Čerpání 95.90%
Pipy: 7743.5
Obchodníci 68994
Vyhraná :
Prohraná :
Typ : Demo
Páka: 1:500
Obchodování : Automaticky

£60000 demo Daniel Davies diskuse

Daniel Davies (Danny83boy)
Dec 25 2020 at 01:51
10 příspěvků
its saying on this account that the drawdown is 11.55%. about 1-2 weeks ago it went into around £3.5k before closing in profit. surely the drawdown should be at least 40%.

Jan 18 at 04:22
15 příspěvků
This looks great for an automated system. Could you share some of the strategies and indicators you used for it? Thanks.

Daniel Davies (Danny83boy)
Jan 18 at 08:23
10 příspěvků
Hi mate I didn’t invent the bot. This demo account is on a high risk. I’m testing it on different timeframes. I’m proving to people that on high risk it actually profits but on my real account it’s on no risk.

All info here mate
Fxcorereal Robot (Daily profit maker)

100% automated

Price is $400/£300 for lifetime license on 1 mt4 account.

Payment option:
PayPal (preferable)
Bank Transfer
Or I can refer you to admin who has more payment options

Works with any broker. Best on zero or raw spread accounts.

Minimum account balance to start with is £1000/$1350.

Best on 1:500 leverage or above.

I’m myfxbook verified:
Real account:

Demo account:

Results in myfxbook are updated on a regular bases every trading day.

Contact details if you want to know anything else.

Jan 18 at 16:13
17 příspěvků
You did a great job. I congratulate you and wish you continued success. I generally notice that it is traders who can create something promising for other traders.

Jan 18 at 16:20
12 příspěvků
Large leverage is of course a great danger.
But the profit is also significant.
There are always risks.
But how can one refuse from such money?

Daniel Davies (Danny83boy)
Jan 18 at 18:05
10 příspěvků
That’s very understandable. The drawdown has only been slim though. Like I said my real account is on no risk at all when used on the recommended settings

Feb 12 at 12:02
23 příspěvků
Even though this is just a demo, the results on this are great. Keep sharing more of such systems. Thanks.

Daniel Davies (Danny83boy)
Feb 13 at 01:00
10 příspěvků
This demo is higher risk. It just shows how well it works on different risks. My real account is on very low risk but I won’t show my account balance. Thanks for the feedback

Feb 13 at 07:33
2 příspěvků
Hi daniel, can you post the website link for Fxcorereal Robot (Daily profit maker), I did google search but I can't find it. Thanks

Daniel Davies (Danny83boy)
Feb 13 at 07:42
10 příspěvků
There is a not a website for it mate. You have to go through me If you want to know anything. I’m a seller. I have a telegram results page here to show my results

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