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EA VRA-V2 (Od besttools )

Uživatel odstranil tento systém.
Feb 22 2017 at 08:04
7 příspěvků
David791 (david791)
Feb 22 2017 at 10:48
44 příspěvků

now pass 3,5 months as I use VRA-V2, the total profit of € 5215, great system!
George (pipsquick1957)
Feb 22 2017 at 14:46
183 příspěvků
Everyone has told you many times that all the accounts here on My Fx Book need to be verified with history open to public.

Everyone here is sick and tired of all your bullshit, posting every 2-3 hours on multiple accounts to get to the top of the cue, no one wants scammers here!!!
Feb 23 2017 at 08:38
3 příspěvků
old acc. deleted,9

Be careful all !!!

Withdrawal presented through MT4 publisher - this can be a fake statement
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