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Forex Fury (03:00GMT+2) (Od pblam )

Uživatel nastavil svou strategii jako soukromou.

Forex Fury (03:00GMT+2) diskuse

Oct 09 2015 at 19:58
1 příspěvků
Hi you are using both forex fury and forex steam for this demo correct? if so, what settings are you using?
Oct 10 2015 at 01:47
33 příspěvků
I'm just playing around with the settings. When I backtest the Forex Fury using their recommended settings, the first half of this year was mixed results but it recovered or gain steadly after July. Also testing different trading time from 03:00 to 04:00 (GMT +2) SL=40 TP=10 Risk=Your choice maybe 20%. Maybe SL=60 also. Just download the GBPUSD data under Tools/History Center and do a lot of backtests on different settings. Stopped using Steam for now. Doesn't seem to perform well. Backtesting Steam seems to slow down MT4. Also, the backtest may not be accurate since there's no data for economic news to stop trading.
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