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Forex Robin VOL (Od Birt )

Zisk : +20.05%
Čerpání 13.53%
Pipy: 1904.6
Obchodníci 657
Vyhraná :
Prohraná :
Typ : Reálný
Páka: 1:100
Obchodování : Automaticky

Forex Robin VOL diskuse

Sep 07 2012 at 01:24
37 příspěvků
Hi Birt what settings are you using with this bot? You account seems to be doing much better than the offical one.

Birt (birt)
Sep 18 2012 at 11:08
166 příspěvků
The settings are described at

Basically, I'm using pretty much the same settings as the official accounts (with the exception of weekend trades). The difference probably stems from the different price feed. Someone also pointed out the difference a while ago in a comment on my blog and I've even compared the trades - most of them are the same with a few exceptions, some trades that exist only in my account and some other trades that exist only in the official account; I guess my account was simply more lucky with these trades.

Oct 18 2012 at 00:31
11 příspěvků
Oct 20 2012 at 13:10
5 příspěvků
this ea look good, but for 3% per month profit i dont know if worth to be bought! or if you want just to pay fmorena :)

Birt (birt)
Oct 20 2012 at 17:39
166 příspěvků
semsmheba posted:
what is the best settings

Most likely the default settings.

Birt (birt)
Oct 20 2012 at 17:51
166 příspěvků
workonline2013 posted:
this ea look good, but for 3% per month profit i dont know if worth to be bought! or if you want just to pay fmorena :)

If my risk setting was 5 times higher, it would've made some 15% per month with a drawdown that would've been below 10%. Sure, that doesn't mean much seeing that the forward test is rather young and higher drawdowns can (and likely will) be witnessed, but what I'm saying is that you should take everything into consideration.

Anyway, the current 3% per month average is likely the consequence of my setting the risk too low because I tend to be too conservative. I even increased it to 1.5 after the last update, as per the vendor's recommendation.

Finally, I'm not sure why you see 3% as low - without any compounding, it adds up to 36% per year. That's a pretty damn good return on investment if the max drawdown is below 10%. Sure, it won't make you a millionaire in the foreseeable future (unless you start with several hundred thousand in the account) but if you see any EA that promises to turn your 1k into 1mil in a few years, you're likely looking at a scam, but I digress so I will stop here.

Oct 27 2012 at 10:52
4 příspěvků
agree. 3% a month is really good.

Try putting 50k on the line when u make 60k a year before tax is payed.
You really dont look at the gain, but only the drawdown.

Been there, done it. Watching big drawdown hurts in the chest.

This is the only 1 I have on my account.

Oct 27 2012 at 14:14
37 příspěvků
Sure 3% a month is awesome. But its not GUARANTEED 3%. You're risking your money to get that that 3%.

In the same period aug - oct, the official account LOST 12%. Imagine if you put your 50k in there and the losses kept piling up like that. This is why I thought the difference with Birts account and the official account is so amazing.

Oct 28 2012 at 19:48
4 příspěvků
and that is why you have to know the system before i apply it to your money.

And accept that losses WILL occur.

12% is half of 24%, which tons of EAs out there get really quickly.

And yes. That is why the low risk is so important. So you can endure those 12% and get back on track one day.

But I also get your point with the broker diffrence.

Growthbot also runs way better on thinkforex then pepperstone.

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