Dear All,

After creating several automated trading systems and extensive research, we designed and developed our own automatic trading systems. The system we present on InfiniumFinancial is from one of our live accounts trading is a price action based strategy. our system is based three sub-strategies and all of them are automatic. Now we trade all the system together and each component deals with one market condition so we can control the risk well. Usually we can control the max drawdown under 20% and expect 3-5% profit each month.

There are three sub-strategies in my trading system, and the followings are details.

Breakout-Tend Following Unit
This trading unit will open position when it recognize some special patterns in a strong trend market based on market volatility and price. And it will add more position when we in the right direction. So it makes us hold more positions when we are in right direction, and fewer positions in wrong direction. We trade EURUSD on this strategy and usually we open 2-4 positions one time. The max loss of each group is about 2%.

Pullback Trading Unit
After a strong trend, usually, the price will pull back naturally, and the component will enter the trend in the main direction. We trade XAUUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD and AUDUSD on this strategy. We open 1 order 1 time. The risk on per trade is about 3% but it rarely happens.

Scalper Trading Unit
Scalper is the most powerful weapon in automatic trading compare to manual trading. This trading unit will scalp the market when price move suddenly ,each trade can make small pips ,but as usually it trade a lot times and with high win ratio, so this unit very profitable. We usually open 2-5 orders each time. We trade EURUSD on this pair and the risk on per trade is about 0.5%.

If you have any question regarding start investment with this system please check or contact our LIVE support.

-Safety of your fund is the most important thing in our trading