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FXT HG Forward (Od Alan )

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FXT HG Forward diskuse

Alan (PureLife)
Dec 05 2012 at 09:07
13 příspěvků
Taking Suggestions and Comments from Everyone.

I will take some time and explain the strategy taken on this profile.

Firstly this is purely owned by FXTeamHRC, you can follow me on twitter @FXTeamHRC.

I run multiple diversified risk portfolio for a group of friends. I am the only full time trader in the team and I run in-house self developed Expert Adviser for MetaTrader 4 platform.

This High Growth profile is a SCALPING profile, traded with an expert adviser.

- Built with consideration of risk taken into account, averaging within 3-5% lots of account equity
- With a 0 to 0.5% take profit per trade.
- No stop loss, instead it uses multi level trades with an increased in lot size (Martingale), averaging down profits.
- Multi-levels are placed on equivalent levels of preceding pivot lines. Averaging 10-15 pips or nearby pivot lines.
- Trades against the market momentum, requires extreme low spreads for maximum profitability.
- Risk is exponentially increased, when left untended and using anything higher than 1% account equity.
- Different periods of day requires different sets of parameters in opening trades for maximum returns. (Volatility)
- Break-Even are taken during multi-level triggers.

The releasing of EA to public will not happen in the near future,
- Requires full time trading attention especially on news filled days.
- Code needs a lot of clean up and I don't intend to finish it any day / time soon as there a lot of built-in functions.
- Complicated parameters that requires what the indicators do .

Now let me share how this Scalping profile works, it trades on very basic indicators:
- RSI Period 12/14
- Boilinger Band 20/2
- All periods
- Avoid overnight trades (Reason - Swaps)
- Trades on EURUSD
- Useable on 15m / 30m/ 1hr / 4hr / Daily Timeframe.
- Trades average of 3 to 15 trades a day.
- Varies risk profile and profits at different times of day. (Adapts to different volatility periods)

I will be looking to share more details as I make them available over time.

Anyone can find me on alanhoo @

No loss is too great until you lost your mind.
Alan (PureLife)
Dec 05 2012 at 09:07
13 příspěvků
Reserved 1

No loss is too great until you lost your mind.
Alan (PureLife)
Dec 05 2012 at 09:07
13 příspěvků
Reserved 2

No loss is too great until you lost your mind.
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