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GenialInvest diskuse

Apr 26 2011 at 16:58
13 příspěvků
We don't understand the meaning of cunod. could you be more clear? don't hesitate to ask us, possibly by email because we don't check every day this page.
Regarding fineguywhosnice, it's not illegal to ask for a monthly rent of our software. it doesn't seems so strange...

Relating to the justified comments and due to the panic because of the trend against our positions we would like to give some answers and clarifications regarding the work we do.
We would like to underline especially the world of forex that we are, with high capital movements, world news and daily spikes that very often bring people to evaluate closure of opened positions looking at their portfolios instead of the matemathical and technical analysis that we urge you use.
In this way people create panic and once they reach the psychological collapse they close positions when they should open it.

Our system deletes the possibility to have the typical human panic and thinks ONLY about technical analysis, daily news, market indexes and many other things. That is why it is easier to take profit on demo accounts, because panic does not exist and one is not afraid to lose virtual money.
Those who close positions looking only at their own portfolio without any technical analysis will never have success in this world. Many other EA are developed in the same way, because of their programmers that have the same way to approuch the market getting the typical human panic.

They transmit the same concept on their EA - human panic.
Trading does not work in this way.

Like in a football match or like in the life only RESULTS rule. And GOOD RESULTS erase any doubt. Who want to see the REAL results of this EA should see with the own eyes the profit it make.

Our system has a totally different approach to the market, differently from any other loser EA that gives the illusion

to be profitable just because of fixed and large stoploss. At a certain point most of them give you loses because of the market changement.

Those who want to invest part of their own capitals should think about the risks involved in this market before some other EAs on the network will do it instead of him.

Apr 26 2011 at 17:02
13 příspěvků
Anyway, if anyone have some question could be better to write us via email cause we don't check this page every day.
info (at)

May 16 2011 at 08:36
6 příspěvků
Need to make public again 'Open Trades' and 'Open Orders'. Why did you make them private? Be transparent. Make it public again.

May 16 2011 at 23:35
13 příspěvků
We've hidden trades because we discovered that lots of people copy us trades. anyway now they're visible but not updated in real time.
Could be nice if some client who is running the ea could write any comment. Who doesn't know Our software think that doesn't work because on the past post.
That people lost their money because they run the software with too high risk for the capital they had. and even if the capital was the same they run it mixed with other ea or with manual trading that took too much margin. software should run without any other intervention and should be set correctly relating to the size capital.
We invite who is running the software to release any comment...

May 17 2011 at 01:00
1008 příspěvků
All sounds terrific but when you need to add more funds during a period of Drawdown such as on

04.13.2011 13:40 Deposit 200.00
04.08.2011 22:35 Deposit 100.00

It displays that the strategy has a significant level of risk involved.

Yes, trading is risky and everyone is aware of this, but safety precautions and stopout levels are necessary for longevity.

 Adding more funds to sustain the longevity is not a solution but an act of desperate measures.

May 17 2011 at 01:15
13 příspěvků
Most of the people want a little drawdown. And you too. But we want explain you better this concept because is fundamental to get success in the Forex market.
Psychology is the key
Let’s make an example: If you have 30.000$ to invest and you don’t want to get more than the 10% of the drawdown (so not more than 10.000$ temporary loosing positions), why don’t you take off from your capital 20.000$ and you invest directly the 10.000$?
This sentence should let think most of the investors that are afraid to trade their money into an high risk market…

If you can’t invest that capital, don’t do it.

Simply invest what you could lose without suffering. You should invest what you’re ready to lose.

Using low risk for each trade is important especially for the manual trading because some days you could take different decisions because of your “sentiment”. You can’t be always objective. That’s why everybody knows that a trader needs discipline and have to risk the less possible to get the smallest possible drawdown. In this way could be easier to recover wrong and losing positions.

With an automated robot everything change: it doesn’t suffer, it doesn’t have panic, and especially, it always choose the same decisions: because it’s objective. It doesn’t need to control himself.
That’s why you should use ALL the capital available.
Coming back to the example, It’s really better to take off the 60% of the capital so you’ll be sure that you can’t lose it. In any case you could always deposit the 20.000$ you saved before for difficult situations to cover your positions.
It’s exactly the same result: the only difference is that you don’t get panic or you don’t suffer if positions are in a temporary big lose relating to your trading capital. But in that case, the capital is “small” and you will be relaxed.
Finally, setting on a 30.000$ account a risk for each trade of 0.3% is exactly the same to set on a 10.000$ account a risk of 1%. You will get exactly the same profits. With the second option you will be absolutely sure that you can’t lose more than 10.000 and in any case you could be ready to add 20.000$ to save your positions: but it will be psychologically easier to recover the temporary loss with a capital that will be 3 times more bigger than before.

In this statement, you can see that myfxbook display that, in almost 3 month, gain is of 249% even if the starting capital was of 193€. it consider also the deposits of 100+200. it was just to be sure and to save the capital. But if you read carefully before, maybe you can understand the why. Psychological approach is the key...

Jun 23 2011 at 14:55
28 příspěvků
current drawdown is 2800 pips....that concerns me a bit. Is there a way to lower the dd on this because this seems to be quite profitable?

With God, all things are possible!
Jul 13 2011 at 15:25
21 příspěvků
A lot of open trades during this week and SL increased 4 times to hold the huge loss, then ... with a big finish.. almost all trades closed on profit... but the DD was HUGE.

You need to allow micro accounts to trade your system and set the commissions accordingly, because a BIG account can be damaged with all the excessive trade number all on the same direction and SL moves like that.

But hey... good trades and good pips! Thank you for being here. I recommend this trader if you have a big balance.

Jul 13 2011 at 15:42
13 příspěvků
Drawdown was never over the 10% of the capital to high risk settings.
For us, it should be acceptable for who want to invest in Forex.

MOHAMMED RAFI KP (efmrafi786)
Jul 17 2011 at 11:54
10 příspěvků
why don't u hide the lot size ???????/ make it has public

Jul 21 2011 at 07:04
162 příspěvků
The investors must keep a seperate account to transfer fund to master account when master account reach near margin call.
Adding position when price moves against, almost same martingale..

I have been trading one account with this guy.. But when I see huge drawdown. I quit..

Hig drawdown high profit, wipe out account at any time

Small drawdown small profit stable

Jul 22 2011 at 08:44
4 příspěvků
Can I have contact with some of your clients who you have been trading for the life of this strategy?

Jul 24 2011 at 23:43
21 příspěvků
Can your clients receive orders bellow 0.10 lots?

Can you share your lot size on your performance page? it's currently private.

jc liz (shayan)
Jul 30 2011 at 15:47
13 příspěvků

If you want to only risk 10% of the account and not more, why did you deposit 100 first and then another 200? is that the risk that you are talking about? this is simply 200% risk. the first 100% is your capital and the 2nd 100% is what you deposit. simply means if someone is investing 50K, he should risk another 50K to save himself and chances are that he loses 100K. is that the minimal risk and drawdown you are talking about?

I hope you have a response...

Alex (Soliton)
Jul 30 2011 at 18:28
47 příspěvků
Aug 01 2011 at 12:45
13 příspěvků
Guys, you are too much. please if you want information send an email to:
 info @

anyway, there are lots of discussion about drawdown and risk: if you don't want to risk too much, don't put your money into an high risk investment market. if you have 100k, you shouldn't invest more than 40k.
The test started with 193 EUR because we were confident about our system and we didn't take care at all of the drawdown that obviously had to be high. if you look to the last couple of month you will see that the drawdown with high risk settings is never over the 30%. So, what do you want more? :)

Aug 02 2011 at 05:33
6 příspěvků
What's the risk to reward ratio? I was looking at the stoplosses, 1000 pip stoplosses? really?

Marvin Doriot (doriotcapital)
Aug 02 2011 at 06:26
4 příspěvků
I saw drawdown on this account as much as 2000-3000 pips using lot sizes of .08 on an $8000 account. If you don't mind this kind of drawdown this may be perfect for you! That's about $2500 by the way...and I did see the stop loss move further and further away as price began to move closer and closer to my opinion certainly not the way someone who truly knows how to trade would operate. More like clowns in a circus act IMHO.

With God, ALL things are possible.
jc liz (shayan)
Aug 02 2011 at 07:27
13 příspěvků
Dear Genival Invest!!!

We dont want information. we are discussing your EA. We will definitely conact you if we need information!
Market could not be low risk or high risk. It is your strategy that could be low or high risk! market just has the potential. (I thought I should explain some basics. 😉)
Great point, if you believe you have to only invest 40% of your 100k. what to do with the rest?! why not invest them as well? Don't you think what you say makes no sense just to adjust your system?!
and finally I will tell you what I want more. Why do you think big financial institutions cant find strategies that has extremely high return?! may be you know better than them?! but no, the answer is that they don't use strategies that has potential of wiping out two times of your capital! Now what I want more is just honesty and integrity. you got some?! bring it up.

Aug 02 2011 at 13:48
276 příspěvků
fiuh, usd 10k! but become 3 times return in a month.. how to get usd 10k first 😭

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