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Global Trading Pros 1:5 (Od Global Trading Pros )

Uživatel odstranil tento systém.

Global Trading Pros 1:5 diskuse

waxmiguel (waxmiguel)
Apr 09 2016 at 10:29
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Jul 25 2016 at 06:13
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Sep 12 2016 at 06:57
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Does subscription of the GTP signal only work for live accounts open with ACM-FX, I have read bad reviews on ACM-FX of people who were unable to withdraw from their ACM-FX account.

I have an Oanda MT4 account, can I pay to subscribe to GTP signal? I do not want to open a trading account with ACM-FX as ACM-FX is not regulated by FCA.

Global Trading Pros (gtpfx)
Sep 12 2016 at 07:14
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Our services only work on the MAM system by ACM FX as we charge profit share and this only work by one broker and on MAM system and not by copy trade

I don't believe that ACM FX has any complaints about withdrawals as i know them very well, can you show many any link of complaints?

You maybe mix up ACM FX (alternative capital management) with ACM (advance capital markets) what was taken over by swissquotes

ACM FX are at the moment busy with FCA license.

Sep 14 2016 at 06:40
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You are right, the bad reviews were for ACM not for ACM FX but I will not open a live account with ACM FX until it is regulated by FCA.

It might be a good idea for GTP to make its signal available for subscription so traders that have live trading accounts with other brokers can still copy your signals instead of GTP Ltd relying only on income obtained from profit share.

Global Trading Pros (gtpfx)
Sep 14 2016 at 07:15
27 příspěvků
Hello, we knew that ACM FX has no bad reviews.

We understand that for retail traders a retail license is important as you don't that your broker trade against you and you are not secured by the government.

GTP is not a signal provider but we are money mangers for investors and if you let investors copy your trades or accounts anybody can offer our service and we do the work and we don't get paid.

Profit share is the most honest way for a investor and this way there is no conflict of interest.

We work with a MAM system this is the best that all account holders get exact same trades and risk management so the result is the exact same as you cna see the one account on MyFxbook.

You can only work with a MAM system if you have all clients by one and the same broker and we choose ACM FX as this broker is set up for money mangers and not retail traders, there for they give us institutional spreads and execution and not retail spreads what makes a big different in results and our investors care more about the results.

Most our investors have accounts above 100k and there for they are not covered anyway by any license back up government broker, as this is maximum till 50k per person.

Sep 26 2016 at 12:27
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can I see somewhere the open trades ?

Global Trading Pros (gtpfx)
Sep 26 2016 at 12:36
27 příspěvků
We only place one trade per day with 15 pips stops and 25 pips profit target and we never hold our traders longer than 8 hours, if we would show our open traders then anybody can copy our trades for free.

All closed trades are show in the live account verified track record and you will receive every day from the MT4 account a daily statement with your trades

sirius1fx (sirius1fx)
Sep 26 2016 at 17:09
348 příspěvků
Nice trading, it looks like some sort of late Asian session scalper or pre London session scalper..

Your broker is definitely shady though, wont get any real investors there..

if you follow the flock like sheep you always end up stepping in shit!
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