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High Risk Blackwave Alpine (Cyprus) (Od Gary Comey )

Zisk : +405.69%
Čerpání 23.16%
Pipy: 8444.0
Obchodníci 325
Vyhraná :
Prohraná :
Typ : Reálný
Páka: 1:100
Obchodování : Ručně

High Risk Blackwave Alpine (Cyprus) diskuse

Apr 15 2021 at 17:00
54 příspěvků
Is this the new account which will be available to copy?
May 01 2021 at 04:35
35 příspěvků
Such a nice graph. But it looks like this is a new account. Do you allow other traders to copy your trades?
Gary Comey (Lazard)
May 03 2021 at 12:31
77 příspěvků
Yea it's a new account. I traded in an FXCM account since 2015 and due to BREXIT they forced me to close the account and they opened a new one regulated in Cyprus. The new account is the one you are looking at. Below is the link to the old account.

No you cannot copy this new account just yet. I am enjoying having an account where nobody questions the trades.

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