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KeltnerPRO - Jared (Od keltnerpro )

Zisk : +5645.75%
Čerpání 58.74%
Pipy: 4744.8
Obchodníci 1003
Vyhraná :
Prohraná :
Typ : Reálný
Páka: 1:100
Obchodování : Neznámé

KeltnerPRO - Jared diskuse

HIT INVEST TURBO (hannahis365)
Jul 29 2017 at 06:14
14 příspěvků
This is the statistics of the trading system

Total Pips count = 4774.8

Total Trade count = 1003

Total lots traded = 14,883.59

Ave lots per trade = 14.83 lots per trade (14,883.59/1003)

Ave pips gain per trade = 4.76 pips gain per trade (4774.8/1003 trades)

Ave pips gain per month = 132.63 (4774.8/3yrs = 1,591.6/12mths = 132.63)

Ave pips gain per day = 5.76 pips (23 trading days per month)

In another words, this system manage to gain on an average 5.76 pips per day using 14.83 lots size per trade. That sounds tremendously risky to me.

So if you can't find any other systems that can generate 5.76 pips daily and you are willing to risk 14.83 lot size per trade, then this system is well suited for you.

Don't just look at % returns to evaluate a system. I always look at the pips count 1st. No pips, mean no Profit. If a system isn't really good in generating pips count, it will always rely on risk (by increasing lot size) to boost income and thereby have impressive % returns.

There are basically 2 types of systems. Pips generating system vs Lot size boosting system.

Thus I always ask myself, is this system's winning formula based on good trading theory/concepts that enables it to keep generating pips after pips or is this system rely more on risk (lot size) to boost income.

I generally look for good pips generating system 1st and thereafter, increase my lot allocation once I found a systems that can generate good consistent pips returns. You only increase your lot size on a good stable system and not the other way, increase lot size in a risky system.
Sound Trading Theory = Good Profit
Viktory (VictorTous)
Aug 03 2017 at 17:00
107 příspěvků
Hi... Could you please update your account?
Patience, focus and self-control to win the game with diligence.
Aug 04 2017 at 11:32
64 příspěvků
VictorTous posted:
Hi... Could you please update your account?

if acc is still alive😂
Bob Gerbert (bgerbert70)
Sep 15 2017 at 09:58
3 příspěvků
Sep 26 2017 at 18:58
52 příspěvků
5645% not enough ?
Find an edge and trade it
Dec 01 2017 at 12:36
1 příspěvků
Awesome EA, it's a long long long term risk (no so scalper m15 or m5 - learn to filter it) risk a bit more of 5% only on eurusd and gbpusd and you can make a lot, better off this that glue on monitor H24 scalper or daily system with 28 pairs but what my biggest question is: Jared did you deposit 6k, now you are +300k...the reason to leave profit on the this broker?!

Dec 03 2017 at 07:51
49 příspěvků
I closed this account with the broker
Andy Zatt (fastdrive55)
Aug 29 2019 at 19:22
102 příspěvků
Why it closed in 2017? I can still log in the member section. Can the EA still be used?
You haven't been around lately.
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