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My thing (Od Oliver )

Zisk : +437.7%
Čerpání 6.71%
Pipy: 1409.9
Obchodníci 191
Vyhraná :
Prohraná :
Typ : Reálný
Páka: 1:200
Obchodování : Neznámé
Remaux (Clert)
Jul 12 2016 at 07:01
20 příspěvků
Decided to try this thing. We will see what results will be.

Remaux (Clert)
Aug 18 2016 at 08:26
20 příspěvků
Goes well for the present moment. Hope for keeping this way further.

Aug 18 2016 at 11:56
395 příspěvků
If you want the truth about Gainsy, all you need to do is a simple google search. It should be clear to most but if you need a lot of proof you can read my blog article.

Tradefx Signals Representative
Aug 18 2016 at 12:00
768 příspěvků
looking at the exorbitant amount I say, some thing is not right here.

Oliver (JTRush)
Sep 19 2016 at 14:58
17 příspěvků
@RedRhinoFX I have looked through your info, thank you for your opinion. I only shall underline that although you position your conjectures and assumptions as 'a lot of proof', it is actually not so. Besides, qualifying someone as 'pushy scam' is a serious accusation you know. Okay then, please invite somebody whom I have allegedly scammed into this very thread, and we will sort it out right here on public's eye. As you can see, my trading performance here by Gainsy is worthy.

@TRADEFX2016 note that huge part of this amount belongs to investors. It is quite usual since it's PAMM.

Zoydfer (iPerez)
Oct 31 2016 at 15:30
13 příspěvků
Honestly, was counting for more. Hope you will perform better than last 2 months

Oliver (JTRush)
Nov 01 2016 at 14:49
17 příspěvků
@iPerez losses can happen in trading, there is nothing unusual in it and I see no reasons to panic. Common trading is profitable.

Remaux (Clert)
Nov 09 2016 at 07:48
20 příspěvků
Thanks for a good experience. Maybe I had some doubts for first times but managed to get all my profits and together with deposit, so thank you.

Dec 16 2016 at 08:43
12 příspěvků
Do you make those pauses in trading on purpose?

Oliver (JTRush)
Dec 19 2016 at 05:53
17 příspěvků
@Sotarbin I trade when I see that I can earn. The main thing is result but not trading frequency 😉

Remaux (Clert)
Jan 25 2017 at 15:46
20 příspěvků
@JTRush well it was a long break I suppose. Though a good start of trading year 😉 Thanks, but hope that from now you will have the possibility to trade more frequently

Oliver (JTRush)
Jan 26 2017 at 08:31
17 příspěvků
We will see. As stated before, the most important is not mere trading, but profiting. Thorough analysis also takes a lot of time.

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