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Nick V. - (BLU) (Od Forex By Pros )

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Nick V. - (BLU) diskuse

May 18 2018 at 08:07
7 příspěvků

1. Would like to know the Drawdown why in year 2015/2016 is up to 42.66%(Any reason)? , and lately the drawdown is much lower compare to year 2015. however 25.02%(April 2018) is still high.

2. Blue Trading is trader? Broker house is Same Party? Group party? based on your website, your company is registered under japan?Europe? Highly regulated by which license from which country as i not really understand 'Blue Group is a proud member of the Financial Commission as well as the Foreign Exchange Global Committee. You may learn more on our Regulation page as well.' is from where? Hope you can advise me? Any different between NFA/FCA/ASIC license?

Looking forward to hear your response, As i really very interest to invest into your platform with this performance record shown.


Steven Goh

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