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Profit-Bank (By profitbank )

Zisk +103.19%
Max. propad 2.64%
Pipy: 1530.3
Obchody 184
Typ Reálný
Finanční páka: 1:100
Obchodování Neznámý
profitbank (profitbank)
Oct 22 2012 at 08:26
69 zpráv(a,y)

My name is Andrey Shapovalov. I am a forex trader with a great experience. I want to offer investors the ability!

My Trading System PBS (Profit Bank Success) - earn on Forex average 20% per month!

The investor receives 90% of all profits derived from trade PBS regardless of the amount of the deposit.

Anyone can rent my trading system! I do not give free PBS.


I will answer your questions here! But disclosure of the algorithm will not! And do not ask! ) This is intellectual property :)

 If you want to cooperate and earn profit, if you are an investor or trader then please contact: , skype: , YM:

profitbank (profitbank)
Oct 22 2012 at 08:26
69 zpráv(a,y)
Oct 22 2012 at 08:51
1008 zpráv(a,y)
GRANDCAPITAL by the infamous -,1

HIS LAST HOPES oF getting investors failed at Instaforex -

Named AS - AND now was actually redirecting to - I pointed this out in the DonnaForex Discussion in the Link Above.

profitbank (profitbank)
Oct 22 2012 at 13:23
69 zpráv(a,y)
Trick or Treat, i think that you scammer :) I really trader and i have really trading system on really live account. I know Michael and Roman, they are professional traders, and my colleagues in the forex business. So think before you write :)

profitbank (profitbank)
Nov 08 2012 at 11:51
69 zpráv(a,y)

PBS easily responded to past fluctuations in the market, and we even earned.
PBS system is ready for large fluctuations in the market. PBS know when to enter the market :)

More on

profitbank (profitbank)
Nov 16 2012 at 14:35
69 zpráv(a,y)

This week has been very successful! Risks do not exist, volumes (lots) is minimal. Profit for the banking week + 11.74%!

And from august total: +88,91%

Join to my trade and earn money with me and my investors!

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