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Prop Trading Trial - FTMO (Od tradeFX4btc )

Uživatel nastavil svou strategii jako soukromou.

Prop Trading Trial - FTMO diskuse

Jan 23 2020 at 04:50
140 příspěvků
This is a free trial to test the trading conditions. Trade execution is a little slow, probably to prevent arbitrage bots. Besides that, the trading conditions are good and the amount of trading instruments are ideal. Forex and Indices with the top crypto pairs as well.

Regarding the trial evaluation, this account passed within 24 hours ( profit and loss evaluations). however you have to trade for 5 days within the 14 day trial. To meet these conditions, I ran some bots that took the profits away.

If you lose or reach the max loss ( 10k ), you will not pass. Even if the account is at 10k profits, you can not give the profits back otherwise you will not pass.

In the end, I did not pass because I lost 5k within 24 hours. They keep your money, and you have to pay again anytime you break their rules.

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