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Bio :
Caynex is a private company aiming to deliver the best investment services possible. We majorly trade forex and manage your account with a safe and organized strategy. Our long-term goal is to contribute our services in lowering the number of traders who lose money in the market. For more info, please visit our website at

Obchodní styl :
All our trading systems use scalping strategies. We do NOT use any martingale, griding or averaging strategy to even out the losses. There's always one entry and one exit per trade, and every trade is executed with a Stop Loss.

Motto :
This is a financial revolution. You’re just in time.

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Zaregistrovaný Apr 13 2021 at 15:25

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Systémy od Caynex

Jméno Zisk Čerpání Pipy Obchodování Páka Typ
Caynex Blitz 7337389.64% 90.78% 139568.4 Automaticky 1:500 Demo
Caynex CheckM8 2047122.01% 56.69% 79375.4 Automaticky - Demo
Caynex Blitz 2.0 3950.39% 57.09% 46054.0 - - Demo
Caynex Speedrun 152520.80% 87.98% 74167.0 - - Demo


Jméno Zisk Čerpání Pipy Výkonnost
Caynex Blitz +14.57M% 9.02 204238.0 Caynex Blitz performance
Caynex CM8 +24520.57% 7.87 15126.0 Caynex CM8 performance

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FitFxCentr Sep 23 2021 at 16:13
Profitable Robot.
Live trading and Review:

Brian Sep 20 2021 at 15:39

Profitable Robot.
Live trading and Review:

Ziya Sep 18 2021 at 14:30
Do you have any real account? where are your managed accounts?
few seconds trade can work only in demo accounts and not in real.
EnjoynDEfx Sep 20 2021 at 15:39

Profitable Robot.
Live trading and Review: