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Bio :
I have always bee passionate about life and I have always strive to be free in a world that's occupied by concrete jungle slaves.

Since day one I have struggled to work for a Boss, Jobs never last for more than 6 Months with one or two odd ones that lasted a bit longer. I needed my freedom that a Boss don't allow.

Started my own company in 2008 to be free, although it has given me more freedom I soon realized that I'm now enslaved by the customers and that this still aren't the solution I hoped for. And now the road has led me to Forex....

My main idea with Forex are to build my accounts to financial freedom where I can sell my company and be as free as I always wanted. To travel the world with my beautiful wife and not to care where my money are coming from.

I want to live life as its meant to be lived.

Obchodní styl :
My Trades are 100% technical looking at many indicators for trading.

90% are EA Driven with a few manual trades.

Using EA's to not become a slave of Forex....

Motto :
Live life as its meant to be lived.Free....

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