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Jméno Rachel

Bio :
My Forex journey started in October 2017, and has been a steep but amazing learning curve.

At first I was very distracted by what i know as 'shiny object syndrome' and the promise of this or that being the ideal or best way to trade, whether that was a certain style or using a certain tool or strategy.

My break through in trading came when i cut out all the hype and distractions around me.

Trading higher time frames was where i found my comfort zone , and it suited my lifestyle working around a small toddler.

I continue to work part time and aim to trade full time in the future so I am able to be here for my family and not miss out my daughter growing up.

Obchodní styl :
I am mainly a day trader and use the daily/4hr/1hr time frames.

I use support and resistance, trend lines, and moving averages.

Motto :

Zkušenost 1 - 3 let


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