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Jméno Emiliano

I'm a Telecommunication Engineer with experience in ICT and Telco consulting. By chance I joined a training course about trading and since then I've been exploring this wonderful and interesting world. I love to apply automatic processes to trading activities (even developing my own macros) and I trade in forex, stocks, options (mainly applied to stocks), futures.
My aim is to try to live just making trading.
My main interests are: trading (of course), gaming, cooking, traveling, dynamic RC cars, reading

Obchodní styl:
I'm currently focused on short term trades (intraday-1 week)/medium term trades (at most 2 months). I'm using the TWS paltform of Interactive Brokers.


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Registrovaný Sep 02 2013 at 13:32

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Contest - TradingGrep 36.70% 69.41% -140.3 - 1:200 Demo
Contest - TradingGrep -99.90% 99.91% -1079.6 - 1:400 Demo
Contest - TradingGrep -99.87% 99.89% -561.9 - 1:500 Demo
Contest - TradingGrep 0.00% 0.00% 0.0 - 1:200 Demo

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