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Systems by dannbb

Jméno Zisk Max. propad Pipy Obchodování Finanční páka Typ
SniperForex123 -54.30% 95.60% 1067.2 Automatický 1:500 Reálný
dannbb Sep 26 2015 at 15:46
dannbb Sep 22 2015 at 16:37
Take what the market gives you and never give back, one shot one kill Many of times in your trading journey i am sure you wish you did not enter some of those losing trade. This is a automated EA for EURUSD and GBPCHF,capture small and consistent income stream. This is a slow and steady trigger, zero loss protect the principal is better than high risk high exposure. This EA only trade from London Open to mid US session. IMPORTANT: Use ECN broker with tight spreads > In order to reduce slippage view in the tab "Slippage" on this signal and select an acceptable Broker. Please feel free to suggest me other suitable broker for this signal. Please do withdraw often, although this EA has a fixed stoploss and TP, do not trust them as the market will whip past any time when it hit a air pocket aka news release