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Brandon Flynn


Jméno Brandon Flynn

After being involved in the financial services industry for 8 years as a Professional Financial Advisor; owning my own brokerage and providing broking services, wealth management and portfolio planning on behalf of brand name financial institutions. I found the "packaged" financial products not suitable for all clients and decided to investigate the market more directly in pursuit of better returns, as a self-directed FX Trader. With over decade of Risk Managment skills and high aptitude for Technical Analysis, I soon proved myself competant as a self-directed Trader in my own personal account and was hired on as a Trading Coach by a renowned Trading Firm.

I do still provide coaching and tutorship for private clients.

However 5 years down the line as a Trader with a proven track record and trading style that not only produces consistant returns but also more importantly also incorporates low risk paramaters to ensure protection of existing capital impertive. eg. only 0.5% risk of total account balance risked on a per trade basis and a maximum day drawdown of 2% etc. I am now pursuing my career as a Propriatery Trader and I am seeking further backing from a Proprietary Trading Firms that require my services.

Please contact me in the above regard. +27741009579

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Intra-day to Swing.

Accuracy is not as important as good Risk Managment.

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