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Most people become unrealistic

Dec 22 2020 at 11:44
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true that, people actually think of becoming rich overnight

Dec 22 2020 at 12:06
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Weirdly, it will never work out that way. You will need knowledge and understanding everything about forex. And resonating with the strategy to ensure if you can make a profit consistently.

Jan 15 at 04:05
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Most people tend to have really high expectations in the beginning and their judgement is clouded by different factors that lead to their downfall. I agree!

Jan 15 at 12:59
posts 72
UweMoench posted:
Most people become unrealistic when come into trading. In any other business with 10$k, people's profit expectation is realistic. But when it comes to forex their expectation soars 10 times or more. That too with being skilled. Most traders even don't know what they are doing.

So true. You need to taper it all back work hard and adjust expectations as you go.

Jan 15 at 18:49
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Those who strive for implausible returns probably don’t last very long.

Jan 15 at 23:00
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I agree no point thinking you will get rich straight away for ever. Just take your time and be realistic.

Jan 16 at 05:47
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people becomes unrealistic as they hear the stories from others and start applying the short cuts which is kind of stupid as it is always said there is no shortcut to success.

Feb 11 at 04:27
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Yes, getting frustrated is one common attribute of people who are unable to get some decent returns on their trades.

Mar 02 at 04:31
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Yes, that is correct and that leads to their doom in trading. It is always better to keep your expectations lower and then work accordingly. At least for beginners.

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